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Good luck to all our C25K runners in races today

Whether it's the Hackney Half, the Leeds Half, * the Great Manchester Run or any other race today, have fun, stay safe and give thanks for the day you discovered this amazing programme. I'm so proud of you all, you wonderful people xx

*Edited to include the GMR because I'm an idiot and thought that was next week!!!! Good luck all you amazing runners, wherever you're running today xx

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Very well posted AncientMum. Couldn't agree more!

Good luck to all you runners out there.

I doff my virtual cap to you all x


Well said AM, Good luck everybody!


Good post Ancient Mum!

Good luck to all runners. It's the Great Manchester Run today and I know a few people running.

Hope to join them next year!!


Aarrrrrggggh thought that was next week!! :-O Poppypug and Runon And Spiky are running. How could I have made such a spectacular mistake?? *hits forehead with palm of hand* Going to edit my title now, so Pops doesn't hate me ;) x


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