Yuk. Yuk yuk yuk yuk YUK!!!

I missed Parkrun this morning. I went out with OH last night to celebrate our wedding anniversary and sunk enough Shiraz to keep several vineyards in business for several years.

So when the alarm went off, I couldn't lift my head off the pillow, let alone throw my sorry body round the park. He went off and did it though, he's hardcore. I grunted words to the effect of "I'll go when I feel better, leave me alone but bring me caffeine first" and finally got my clobber on at about half past eleven (oops).

I felt horrible. Even after coffee and banana, my usual pre-run sustenance. After the warm-up it still felt like my brain was doing it's best to squeeze itself out of my eye sockets. Then I remembered the dextrose tablets I got a few weeks ago so had a rootle in the cupboard. And what did I find but the empty wrapper. As usual, the 13 year old had stripped the "treats" cupboard bare of all things edible like a plague of locusts.

OH finally took pity on me and gave me one of his gels. Which was, without exception, THE most revolting thing I have ever had the misfortune to swallow (titter ye may). Eeuuch. I couldn't even finish the whole thing, and it seemed like overkill anyway, for my little 5K.

What's in those things?? Is it just glucose, and a bit of starch? No amphetamines? Because even with a hangover still causing me a certain amount of existential crisis ("why am I doing this to myself?? WHY??") I flew around my route in not just under 30 minutes, but just under 29. Oh, yes. It. Feels. Amayyyyzing.

Placebo or not, I can run a sub-30 5K. I am a very happy bunny. I've gone from being seriously over-weight, miserable and unfit, to being lighter than I was 16 years ago when I got married to my lovely Other Arf. :-)


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18 Replies

  • That is the most hard-core set of tags in any C25K post I've seen :-)

    Haven't decided if I should congratulate you on your sub-29 minute 5k.

  • Oh yes! Ha ha haaa. There must be at least three thrash-metal band names in those!

  • Ok, I've thought about it and have decided to congratulate you on your time, but don't think I am encouraging a Shiraz habit :-)

  • I think one of my post headings was expect the unexpected :D it seems running is a funny old thing , what you experienced was further proof :D

    you just never know :D well done on the sub 30 :D that does take some doing ;) assisted or not haha

  • haha. I know that feeling from last weekend. I'm not sure I could have stomached a pouch of salty sugar gloop though. Well done you.

  • Well done on the time - but not sure about these performance enhancing drugs!

  • Ha ha , Oh Allie , this made me laugh !

    Also reminded me why I dont drink anymore :-)

    I used to wake up with the hangovers from hell , as if someone had scraped the top of my head off , had a rummage about in it and then not put the top back on again properly ! ha ha :-)

    Hey, that is a absolutely brilliant time , Well done to you , fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Well done on the drinking. I haven't felt like that in ages, and I doubt I'd want to run with a post-apocalyptic hangover. Seems it's the week for unexpectedly good times though. I was chasing sub 30, now I suppose I'm chasing your sub 29 :)

    Well done.

  • Yay - get you!!!! Well done ( both for the time and getting up and out!)

    I just can't face the hangover though to get the sub 29 time. I'm just not hardcore enough. I know they say no pain no gain but. ........

  • Ooh thank you everyone. Guess it means I'm a bit of an addict now (To running, not Shiraz. I don't drink a massive amount, honest!!) gotta love this forum and all you lovely folks :-)

  • Wow! That's quite some achievement! Well done! :-)

  • Me too Pops ! No more hangovers for me.

    Well done Allie! You could have stayed in bed but you didn't. Happy anniversary by the way x

  • Poor you. I can't remember my last hangover...but I do know that wine hangovers are particularly awful (says she who lives in a place where a litre of decent plonk costs less than a litre of petrol). Ditto for the 13 year-old locust.. I have three teenagers, and the fridge look like the Gobi desert within hours of doing the shopping sometimes.

    Well done for getting out and round the run though - you're one tough cookie!

  • Brilliant time, well done (and a very funny post)

  • Blimey that's quick!! Wonder if it was the wine or the gel? There's only one way to find out ......... ;)

  • Ooooh! A controlled experiment!

  • Wow! That's quite a performance considering the circumstances - well done Allie.

    It was my (28th) anniversary on Friday too and I consumed by first alcoholic drink (a single glass of champers) since the New Year. I was never a heavy drinker but I really don't miss it - is the hangover really worth it?

  • Congratulations! We've clocked up 16 so far.

    And no, it isn't! Bleurgh.

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