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Went swimming today for the first time in a long while after I kept reading how good it is as cross training for runners. Swimming used to be the only exercise I used to do (and even that not regularly) and I live round the corner from our local baths. I just wish I had learnt to front crawl when young as I am sure that it is much better for legs/knees than breast stroke. Still, I hope the swimming will have gently stretched slightly achy leg muscles and prepared them for trying running on a track for the first time tomorrow. Did only 20 lengths (we have 33m lanes), but hey, it was meant to be rest day after all :-)

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I have been swimming once a week for the last couple of months and any little aches always seem to be better afterwards albeit I am certainly open to the idea that this is just a trick of the mind.

I am doing similar distances, generally 700-800m per session, but have to admit that I do find it quite boring.


Swimming is excellent for aches and tense muscles... and it works the whole body.

You could try to counteract the boredom by doing few drills

: use a pull-buoy for 8-10 lengths (it is actually very good for runners as it works the underused arms)

Do intervals, like in running, one or two lengths at your maximum speed, see how long you can go without breathing and so forth, Change stroke - like back stroke and 1 front crawl (you basically have to roll over all the way :)

I often do that to break the monotony !

Can't wait for the lake to warm up a bit and swim there...


I bought a speedo underwater mp3 player, as I found it really boring too. Now I can listen to music and I've even started to learn Spanish, as I've popped a course on there too. It makes the swim feel far less taxing and the hour seems to pass completely unnoticed :)


I was really enjoying swimming once a week and definitely think it was helping but due to different commitments haven't been able to go for a while, really need to try and get back into it 😕


I agree swimming can be boring so I rarely swim for more than 30 minutes but I definitely find front crawl makes the time go quicker. I think I get more into the zone because head is mostly under water so I feel everything around me is blocked out, it's just me and the water. And while I'm ploughing along concentrating on breathing I'm not thinking of anything else so it's a great stress reliever if you have a lot on your mind.

Also pull-buoys are good, as has been said, for breaking up the monotony and focusing on arms only or legs only.


I find it quite soothing and calming myself as long as there are not too many people in the water who either create too many waves (a problem for me with a basic breast stroke swimming above water as I can't bear water getting down my nose and throat) or those who swim very slowly in pairs. That's why I only go during adult only sessions as they tend to be quieter. I always liked swimming as it was the only exercise I could do reasonably well (in spite of awful style) and could swim 1 k in 30-40 minutes.


I used to do a lot of swimming, and intend to do some more this year when the open air pool opens in June. I taught myself front crawl, so it is possible for you to learn too Dagshar. Just try a couple of strokes at a time until you get the hang of it. Here's the best web site I have ever used for swimming, I made massive improvements with their innovatative methods. My 100 MT speed went from 2 mins 45 to 2 mins, I was delightes with that. It seems less boring when you go a bit faster! There are drills for every technique problem, and proven methods for increasing speed and stamina. Give it a go!


I swim a couple of times a week. Usually 1.5km a session. I find I just get 'in the zone' aftee about 10 lengths & I don’t get bored. My local pool does early bird adult only sessions 3 times a week from 6.30am which is perfect for me. Like my running I'm not the fastest swimmer in the world but it feels good & that's what matters to me


U know I am a beginner in swimming but workout is the important part of training. I even buy all swimming stuff that is needed for my study on . So I am ready to achieve good results. =)


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