Over the 5.3 hurdle

Since I started out on C25K I have always had week 5 run 3 in my mind as a target and a psychological barrier. Up to now whenever things have started to get a bit tough I have comforted myself with the knowledge that there would be a gentle walk in a couple more minutes - this time felt like proper running (like what runners do!) I'm pleased to say I got round without a hitch ably assisted by my wife (who recently ran the London Marathon) and my dog Lottie. As others have said - the first 5 minutes felt hard and it felt like we had a very long way to go, but once you get into the steady pace it went well and I feel certain I could have kept running when 20 minutes was up. Thanks to all those who post on this forum for the positive vibes that have made what could have been a tortuous ordeal something I really enjoy and look forward to.


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  • Well done Adam, I'm 2 weeks behind you, thank you for motivation. Keep going,,, and going. You will have your grad badge soooooon. :)

  • Well done, Adam. It gets so much more interesting and satisfying from this point on!

  • Well done - that's brilliant! On to WK6R1 next for you and me both - exciting times :)))

  • Absolutely well done you too - I will keep an eye out for your next update

  • Well done! That's a great one to have under your belt! Watch out for week 6 - lots of folk find it a tricky one!

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