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Rainy Running?

I've managed to reach the third run of week 6 without coming across any inclement weather so far. However, I'm heading out after work in the morning (I'm on a night shift), and it's going to be rainy.

Any advice on what I should be wearing? I was wondering whether to wear a rain proof jacket over my usual running gear or just go out in what I would normally wear?

Also, is it best to just leave my shoes to dry after?

Thanks :)

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Too be honest, no matter how breathable the rain coat is, i sweat so much it doesn't make any difference to the rain. Then there's the issue of over heating, yes, even when it's cold. I just go out without a coat these days.


If it's warm or mild I use the normal wickable running gear. I have a running jacket which I use when it's cold and wet mainly to stop the wind chill, but, as Crox says, the sweat builds up inside. Not sure whether mine is waterproof ir not, but after wet runs I have to pour the water out of the sleeves before I take it off!

As for the shoes, I take out the insoles and just put newspaper inside to help dry the inners and then leave them to dry naturally (but not against direct heat).


Goodness me - when I did nights I didn't have the energy to walk home from the station let alone go out for a run. They were long exhausting nights in a&e but I am so full of admiration for you.


I'm very nocturnal, I love my night shifts! I feel much more ready for a run after a night shift that I do when I finish work after my 8 hour shift at 2pm :)


When it is cold and wet, I wear a breathable jacket, but at the moment I wouldn't wear a jacket because I'd get too hot. I just leave my trainers somewhere to dry out (maybe stuff them with newspaper if they get really really wet).

Enjoy! I am one of "those people" who loves running in the rain :-)


Running in the rain is great. Helps keep you cool. At the moment I run in the rain without a jacket as it's too warm. In the winter I have a thin shower proof jacket which I use to keep the worst off.

Enjoy wet weather running.

Viki :-)


In the end, by some miracle it stayed dry! I put two layers on, but got too hot, so might just stick to one, long sleeved layer for now.

I'll save the purchase of a jacket for later - mind you, it's got a bit chilly in the last day or two hasn't it!


Having passed the 1 year mark I can confirm that it is never too wet to run! It was a revelation to me to find out that I love running in the rain. I find unless it is very cold as well that normal running gear is fine. I toyed with the idea of buying a jacket but found that I warm up pretty quickly and unless it is subzero I end up taking off my light fleece and tying it round my middle. On freezing days now I tend not to bother with the warm up walk as it doesn't warm me up enough and just start off with a gentle jog instead. In fact for me the hot weather was much harder than when it's colder. I just leave the wet shoes near a radiator and so far they've been fine. Good luck :-)


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