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Back on the horse after a year out

So I started C25K last year and got as far as week 4 run 3 but stopped as my shins and knees were screaming at me. I tried all sorts, got my gait analysed, bought proper shoes, different times of the day, foam rollers.

So I stopped but was so annoyed as I was ACTUALLY enjoying it but for shins not complying.

I'm 43 and 5st overweight according to BMI. I've been musing how to restart as I have a long commute to and from work and the thought of running before or after work...well not an appealing one at the moment.

Anyway did run1 week1 yesterday. I have 15 minute walk through a park to work each day so decided to do C25K instead and try running on grass instead of tarmac.

What a buzz, the endorphins were racing through my body and I felt great!! A work colleague who runs has advised me to run through the pain as I will not be doing any damage, run as slow as I need to and do toe stretching after to pull the muscles around my shins straight.

Wish me luck for when I get to week four I will post back then

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I'm a newbie runner too week one for me too ( never tried it before) . Like the idea of going outside to try it as on treadmill at mo! Sounds good! Good luck and will look out for your week four posts. 43 too!

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Good for you for getting back on the horse again. The pain last time could have been caused by your body getting used to running but I'm sorry I don't agree with your colleague who suggests you run through the pain this time.

Certainly you will be stiff and there will be a little pain at the beginning again, but provided you run very very slowly, stretch afterwards and take your rest days, you should be ok. However, if you are still in pain after doing all that you should pay a visit to your doctor or physio as you don't want to have to stop again. You could also try building up your muscles on non run days like swimming or even walking as this all builds up stronger legs.

Good luck and keep posting to tell us how you're getting on.


Hi :) .. and well done for getting back in the C5K saddle. Running outside is great. Be careful you don't hurt yourself though - take it gently and if something hurts then slow down or stop and get it chased out by the doctor... I agree with Irish Princess, pain should not be ignored, or you could find yourself on the injury couch and not be able to run until it's sorted... Enjoy the running and keep us updated!


checked out. Not chased out. Unless you have a voodoo doctor, of course.


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