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Where did the time go?!?

Before I posted my update, I read through some of the posts below and put my two pennith in, and I look at the time and it's been 35 mins!!! Got to dash to get ready for work and get my son up for school!!!!

Still wanted to post that wk4 is now complete😃 yay! In fact double yay!!

Sure it was tough at times but I just slowed down a touch and carried on and low and behold - I DID IT!!

Wk 5 starts tomorrow ( come on wk5, I'm not scared of you! Bring it on) and I'm looking forward to the challenges it will bring and that I am 100% sure I'll overcome - with Laura's help and encouragement and of course you positive lovely lot!!! Thank you xx

I've signed up for 2 x 5ks now in July and August and a 10k in December just before my birthday!! I'm very excited! Lovin' C25K - right better get my ass into gear and get to work!

happy running day to all :)

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Coo, get that enthusiasm! Well done for booting Week 4's butt. :D Signing up for races is a good way to keep on track - good thinking, Batgirl.


It takes effort and determination to complete this C25K programme and most of all you should enjoy it, well it sounds as if you are certainly enjoying it, well done keep going and the sense of achievement when you finish the 9 weeks will make it all worth while. Happy running. 😀


Double yay indeed. Well done juju.


Well done on the run. You will be ready got those events no problem. I know the feeling about losing time while ready posts, that frequently happens to me 😀


Gosh you're motivated with all those races signed up for- totally brilliant! You've the right attitude about all this- trust in Laura!! Should be mantra or something! Xx


That's great - keep enjoying it and you'll go far.


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