Rest days, I'm after some advice!

I tend to run before work and this is something that fits into my routine very well! However on the weekend I find it difficult to fit my runs in especially when faced with the fact that I am choosing a run or a lie in.

My question is, that if I don't run on the weekends (therefore effectively having 2 rest days instead of one) will I be making the couch to 5k program more difficult?

Thank you in advance for your responses!


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15 Replies

  • Actually I would like to know the answer as I had found the two rest days frustrating.

  • I found it frustrating at the start, but once the runs were longer my knees were very grateful for the extra rest!

  • I only run 3 days a week so there's always a 2 day rest in there somewhere. :-)

  • Not at all. I always did the 3 runs over a 7 day week, so there were 2 one day rests and 1 two day rest period. Worked absolutely fine.

  • Not at all! I find I need 2 rest days especially when the runs got longer. Don't worry about it....just follow the podcasts in order and you'll be fine :) ! If you're anything like most people on here, you may take longer than 9 weeks, or get the odd injury along the way (hopefully not!), get a cold, etc etc....lots of things can conspire against you running every other day. Good luck!

  • Not at all from my experience anyway. When i was doing C25K i was going out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (yes i gave up my lie in 😕) because of work there was no way around it for me and having those 2 rest days didn't make a difference other than i missed going running and so really looked forward to getting up and getting out on Saturday morning in fact this is pretty much still my weekly routine. I completed the program in 11 weeks so don't think it affected how i did so don't worry just keep going as and when you can ☺

  • Thank you very much for the advice! I've just finished week 2, and my next run is the start of week 3 and I guess I just don't want to have 2 rest days that cause me to find week 3 more difficult that it needs to be! (especially put off this morning because of the horrible English bank holiday weather)

  • Dont think about the weather...just go!! Your sense of achievement afterwards will make you feel great all day believe me!! ☺ you will even feel a little bit smug that you went out regardless of the weather when others wouldn't bother!! 😜

  • Two rest days are good.

    But... you'll know that you're getting addicted once you finish the programme and choose to get up early at the weekend to do a long run that you wouldn't have time for before work.

  • Not at all. You will find as the summer starts there is nothing better than a run outside to start your weekend.

  • I started off having 2 rest days, but wanted to graduate before I went on holiday, so stepped up the runs to alternate days. This worked for me.

    Good luck whatever pattern you choose!

  • Often I'll run better after two days off.

  • I did the programme running 3 times a week but as I have increased my distance since graduation, am finding I always need at least 72 hours between runs, so it's become a twice a week thing. Although I do other exercise too, I am hoping to get back to 3 times a week once my body has adjusted.

  • Hi

    I graduated last November , so I am still a novice. My advise then is not to treat running like a diet. - full of rules that are not achievable to maintain in the long term. Running needs to fit around your life as an enjoyment , accepting that you do need a basic level of fitness. I found me body tells me when to run now and for how long . Sometimes that's two run per week. Sometimes four or five. The programme gives you running legs and basic fitness. - it's a lot like learning to drive with graduation being like passing the test. What you do with it then is entirely up to you. Just enjoy and work towards what you want to achieve. Run regularly but it really doesn't have to be such a fixed routine.

    Hope this helps

  • From my little knowledge ...

    If you are new to running or 'upping' your runs increasing distance or speed. Then you will be working muscles harder and in a way that they are not use to being worked. This will cause minor muscle damage which, is the normal process, leading the body's repair systems to operate. This leads the muscles to becoming more efficient and stronger. However, the body needs the rest to recover and build new muscle fibres etc.

    So, two days rest should just give your body more opportunity to go through this process of getting stronger. Of course, if you were to lay-off training for too long then your body will do the reverse and you will become weaker and so one needs to try and keep exercising in some form even if you could not run for a period of time.

    Cheers and happy running.

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