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Clothing technical difficulties!! :(

Well, that'll teach me not to wash my favourite running gear in time for running club! after first few mins realised capris(exercising ones not running ones!) sliding down a bit, flimsy vest going up a bit! after plenty of hoiking in first kilometer and then my car key coming out of flimsy inside front pocket and sliding down INSIDE of capris, i handed key to running friends pocket, tucked vest into trousers, and suddenly everything was MUCH better! cold and windy tonight!

**must get more efficient at household errands!! :X

heres the run!

ps managed my 2nd ever 15k home on Saturday, ran almost all of it , knocked 6 mins off last weeks time! but achy and shattered after!! wrote a post about it on my tablet but it wiped it instead of posting! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! technology failure! :(

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That's brought something to mind Ali! 'Oh what fun we had but did it really turn out bad' :-D I hate it when those trousers start sliding south. At least you ran! and well done on that 15k too and a new PB that's great that is! X :-)


Thanks Karen! I forgot to add in a song in the title! 😃used to know all the words to that song when i was at middle school, my brother was a big madness fan! 😊


Baggy trousers dooroop dooroop....



Gotta love that song! 😊


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