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Shoes ????? Confusion !!!!!!!

I know there have been many questions and blogs posted on this subject as I have read most of them but am still slightly confused, I have just done my w4r1 and have started to notice my feet are hurting as I run, have spoken to a couple of people who say how important it is to get proper shoes when you increase your running time, but is it safe to just buy a pair of the shelf or is the gait analysis worth it, several of you seem to have gone down the gait analysis route but still ended up returning shoes, it's about a 50 mile round trip to my closest specialist shop, they come highly recommended by the local running group but it's a long way to go if I'm going to end up taking them back.


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Yes it was a long return trip for me too. In practice going for the gait analysis turned out not to be terribly relevant as I was after trail shoes. I'd buy cheap shoes off the shelf (especially now I am starting to get a feel for what I do and don't like) but as I discovered it is easy to buy something expensive that feels right in the shop but isn't in practice. Even though my fuel and time costs were high, it was better than maybe having bought the shoe somewhere nearer or online, even for less, and not been able to return it. (The Sweatshop guarantee also applies to online purchases too IIRC - tighter T&C though)


I've not gone for gait analysis - in fact I'm alternating between some shoes that I've had for over 20 years (but barely worn!), and my new trail shoes, depending on where I'm running. For all that I like the idea of going to a specialist and feeling that I'm doing it 'properly', I suspect I'll end up in the local branch of a major sportswear retailer simply for convenience's sake. And that, despite the fact that there's a specialist shop not 5 miles from where I live...!


tough question really - Im only on my second paid since starting this program. The first was from aldi. they were ok, said they were for running. but when I stopped and re-started this malarky I went and treated myself to a new pair in an attempt to "spur" myself on!! now ive spent £25.00 on a pair im getting my monies worth!!

mine are Karimoors. Lovely black and purple pair :-) they are soooo much springier that my first pair. Although my legs and feet currently feel like cement since my last run, I definitely feel better in me new trainers.

I dont know about this gait analysis thingy do dah. May be when Im a proper runner I'll go get it done just to see and go from there, but until then I think its going to be see whats on offer as best as i can afford and take them out.

hope helps rather than adds to your confusion!!

ali :-)


I haven't done gait analysis & mine are fine, I'd just recommend trying on loads of different pairs until you get the right fit. If you do have gait analysis week4 might be a tad early because your running style may change as you get more experience, if that makes sense.


When I first started just went to local sports store and got a pair which cost about £50 they have done me perfectly well. I have however increased the mileage I have been doing per month from 25 miles to upto 80 miles and have invested in gait analysis and a new pair of Mizuno's £100. Initially I don't think you need to pay that much for a pair but it is good to get shoes to fit properly so you don't get injured.


One tip, don't buy shoes from sports direct online. I ordered some last week and was pretty excited about them arriving. when they did, I realised the box said 5 when I ordered a 6 and on looking at the trainers found one was a 5 and one a 6! I filled in their online form last week to complain and asked that they resolve it in a way other than sending them back by post which would take over 16 days....a week later and they haven't even replied to my complaint, meaning that I still don't have decent running shoes, like the ones I paid for almost two weeks ago. Whatever happens, go to a shop! I'm also in week 4 and stuck in my old mountain boot style trainers but feel it is time to move on. However, I think I would begrudge paying over £30 for trainers as the family is on a tight budget.


I went for gait analysis and the best bit of advice I got was to buy a half size bigger than your shoe size. Really helpful and comfy.


I'm a big fan of gait analysis. I'm very overweight and had mild but existing back and hip issues before I started c25k in new-ish trainers. By week 3 I was nearly crying with the pain in my shins and was ready to stop. Someone on here suggested gait analysis, and I was very concerned about a) running on a treadmill b) being forced to spend a lot of money on trainers c) being 'cheated' in some way. The bloke in the sports shop was brilliant - I tried 8 pairs in the end, and nothing was too much trouble for him. I ended up paying £90 for a pair of trainers, which was an awful lot of money when I didn't know if I would continue running. I wanted to, but couldn't have carried on with the pain in my shins. From my first run in my new trainers I had no problems at all, so I think it's a great thing to do. I know others think differently, and that's fine, but I'm convinced it worked for me.

Hope this helps :)


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