Couch to 5K

Certainly helping my stamina Wk3

I started the running to increase my stamina when mountain biking. Completed wk 3 and it Definitely has worked, must say that two hours cycling isn't as tough on my legs as the running. Only problem is the cycling was my rest day from running, do I go running again tomorrow or have a rest?

Anyway wk 4 coming up, how do you fit 3 runs and one mega biking session in 7 days?

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Hi Oldarn, I regularly run 5k three times a week and then as I did this morning, did 32+k on the mountain bike (and I'm 54, not some twenty something). I found the running definitely helps with the cycling, you don't suddenly find you're cycling twice as fast or twice the distance but if you ride with another person as I do you do notice that you'll pull away from them more regularly and get up the hills a bit quicker, and so on.


I'm in the same position. I started to try the running to get fitter for the mtb, but now I actually run more than I bike but each seems to help the other. I was out for a very hilly ride today 22k which took around 2.5 hrs, but I'm shattered tonight and I want to try the stepping stones podcast tomorrow evening. I'm going to try it anyway, although I'll have an excuse if I find it hard!! I'm really noticing that I'm making short work of the hills on the mtb though, but I have to not go too hard and get injured. Early to bed for me!!


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