Looking for an app

Hi every one,

I am looking for app that combines RunKeeper and Couch to 5k with Laura's instructions?

Basically i want an app that gives u the speed/distance etc.. but with C25K instructions..

I had one C25K app that just tells u - Run! Walk!.. and thats it.. not like Laura's voice and encouragement and tips :-\

Help is muuuch appreciated! :-D

MoNi :-)


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8 Replies

  • You can use Runkeeper together with the C25k podcasts.

  • Do you mean to have the runkeeper on and to download the MP3 as background?

  • Yes exactly. Runkeeper allows you to select/play your own MP3. As such you just need to play the relevant c25k podcast.

  • Exactly what i need! thanks a lot :-D :-D

  • You can run both apps at the same time (at least you can on an iPhone), the problem is that if they both try to talk to you at the same time, they both crash. You can set Runkeeper up so it only gives information to you 'on demand', to stop it trying to talk to you. That way you should be able to run the c25k app without it crashing, and also access your total distance, splits etc at the end of the run on Runkeeper, plus have the data on your runs saved. I decided that being told I had run another 0.5k and getting my 0.5k splits in real time was more helpful to me than Laura's 'encouragement', so I stopped using the c25k app and just used Runkeeper on its own from w6.

    I use a couple of interconnected running loops in various configurations depending on the wind, and more or less know the distances on my routes now. I still find Runkeeper useful in terms of comparisons, and also giving me data to help me decide whether to slow down (bit of a tendency to go off faster than I can sustain).

    Unlike the vast majority on here, although I liked and used the structure of C25k, I didn't find the app terribly helpful. I am told the podcasts are better, but I wanted my own, or no, music, depending on mood.

  • Thanks for the tip! I'll def try the 0.5 splits :-)

  • I use Runkeeper app at the same time as Laura, start RK marginally before Laura says ' now run' so you can hear your RK time / splits and the lovely Laura encouraging you on. Works a treat :)

  • thanks will try it :)

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