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Week 9 run 1. Well I decided on an early morning run as this week is busy with full day of work today and I want to try and get the 3 runs done by Saturday when I'm getting my hair done as my big treat for finishing! Set the alarm for 6am, and watched the clock from about 5am arguing with myself about getting up and out for a run. I mean I'm awake and I've left my stuff downstairs the night before. I know how good I'll feel after the run, and the hot shower and poached egg will be amazing, when I'm super glowing after my run, but I really have to force myself to go. But dam it I go, I take myself by the scruff of the neck and boot myself out that door, I am not going to be defeated by this. And as I set out up the big steep lane to the top road I start to warm up, and as Laura starts me of I think of keeping the pace steady and doable. And I lollop along as the sun is rising in the east and the lambs are bouncing in the fields. The sky is blue and the legs are running and the music is helping and before I know it I reach the easy bit when I'm just doing and not really thinking, at about 10mins in and it feels great. One of my favourite tunes comes on alexia Jordan 'happiness' and she's saying 'through strength I found love, in time I found myself in happiness with you' I know what she means. I'm super happy when I hit my stride, and that feeling stays all day. 'This opportunity will only come once in my life' she sings and I know that the progress I've made I'll have to build on, because I can't go back now, I've come too far. In no time I've made the 30mins and trot back home to a lovely breakfast and warming shower. Now if only I could get the motivation to do this every day, wouldn't that be marvellous.


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7 Replies

  • Amazing, you really sound like you're flowing very naturally with the running. Maybe you will become someone who runs everyday eventually, but you're already someone who runs every other day. And love those bouncy spring lambs :)

  • Hi ruth, yep once I get warmed up I feel it's easy, though I'm not killing myself out there as I'm avoiding the injury couch like the plague!! The lambs were admiring my lolloping, they are so bonkers at this time of year!!

  • I'm avoiding the IC too! Sounds like you're getting totally zoned out on your runs. I'm hoping to get there too. I did fast 'intervals' today, hoping to build up a bit more fitness. Will post an update at the end of the week. You'll be graduating by then - woohoo! :)

  • All that lyrics stuff was a bit profound for me but I too enjoyed the bouncy lambs.

    well done and enjoy your last two runs, it sounds like you will complete them comfortably.

  • Think it must be the endorphins talking!! I'm the same with wine.

  • Yes, I'm a day dreamer and a lone wolf as well so the whole selfish time to myself really suits me!! I was wondering how you were getting on post c25k. I'm still jotting ideas down to see what might suit me. im not sure I even know what intervals are, but I'll google them just now, it's like a whole new language this running lark!! Glad to hear you're still enjoying it though, have you a bigger plan??

  • Well done Sparky, hope your practising the smile for graduation day!

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