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Couch to 5K
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Week 6 DONE!


That was a b*st**d of a run, but I DID do it again!

And some PB's as well (of course lol):

1) Longest time running NON-STOP (22 mins)

2) Furthest distance running NON-STOP (3.17 kms)

I feel the 5K slowly coming near..... 3 more weeks and I should be doing this. Although it's really hard while you're running and you think of swearing to everything and anyone, when I was done I felt good and accomplished. BRING ON TUESDAY'S 25 MINUTES!!

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hehe parkrun is like that. I hate every second until the end is in sight, then I love it :)

Well done for finishing w6. It's all downhill from here.


You're doing great! All long runs now!


Good Job RD, Just try and set off steady so you can get an idea of the pace. Always great to have energy left for a sprint at the end, but demoralising to struggle!


I did a 6.59min/km and it felt like standing still lol. It would be great to do my first 5K under 35 minutes.


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