Week 6 DONE!


That was a b*st**d of a run, but I DID do it again!

And some PB's as well (of course lol):

1) Longest time running NON-STOP (22 mins)

2) Furthest distance running NON-STOP (3.17 kms)

I feel the 5K slowly coming near..... 3 more weeks and I should be doing this. Although it's really hard while you're running and you think of swearing to everything and anyone, when I was done I felt good and accomplished. BRING ON TUESDAY'S 25 MINUTES!!

4 Replies

  • hehe parkrun is like that. I hate every second until the end is in sight, then I love it :)

    Well done for finishing w6. It's all downhill from here.

  • You're doing great! All long runs now!

  • Good Job RD, Just try and set off steady so you can get an idea of the pace. Always great to have energy left for a sprint at the end, but demoralising to struggle!

  • I did a 6.59min/km and it felt like standing still lol. It would be great to do my first 5K under 35 minutes.

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