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Aldi Running Gear Sale

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Evening all.

Took the day off work to take the eldest daughter to the ivory poacher to have a few teeth removed and took the chance to have a look at the running gear in Aldi.

Mostly crap but the running T Shirts were pretty good value for the summer months.

Anybody else been?

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Yes! I got the gilet, going to test it out at Parkrun tomorrow.


Did look at the gilet, but as its got a French name I gave it a miss ;)

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Good point, how do I explain to people what I bought without sounding poncey?! I think I'll call it a sleeveless jacket.


Yeh I looked, I thought the premium running shoes looked ok for the money, but they didn't have my size.


Got a running jacket its really light weight and pretty good quality so wont get as wet thru next time i run in the rain πŸ˜†

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looked at the running jacket but it didnt seem to be waterproof?


That's the problem with Aldi, they look ok but...

having said that I have two sets of tights, a running top and a jacket. I did look longingly

at their 3/4 length tights. Maybe if they are still there next week...

stocked up on compression socks. At Β£3.99/pair was too good to miss. They seem pretty good.

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Only had size 11 and being a yeti I needed 12's

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you need compressing

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Get mine off eBay

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I generally just use calf sleeves, but at 3.99 it seemed churlish not to pick a few pairs up. Have them on at the moment actually, recovering from this morning's long run and yesterday's horrors.


Got Aldi kit last summer as I started C25K so dipped in for smaller sizes this time. I got a gilet, a top and socks. The tops are really good value. I prefer karrimor or M & S for tights as the fut is better and they don't go baggy in the wash. Will top up on more socks though.

I bought trainers from Lidl last summer at the start of my journey and found them adequate but they were consigned to the holiday walk on the beach pile after a couple of months. My sister bought me Aldi trainers in the autumn and they are still in the box. There was a review this week in the papers on the Aldi trainers and kit.


I got the jacket (as a back up for my Karrimor one and because I wanted one with a hood), the shorts and tank top. I also bought the heart rate monitor, which I used on my wk 8 run yesterday and the app seemed to work really well (let's you play your playlist too which at this stage works better for me than using the C25K app). We have had a lot of Crane clothing over the years - mainly winter jackets and ski outfits and they have always been good value. In fact my 3/4 running trousers were from Aldi many years ago when I first had a go at running and failed. I probably wouldn't buy shoes though unless you have very easy maintenance feet, which I have not (narrow foot, long toe and overpronating :-( .

I got shorts, compression socks and insoles( for general shoes, not running). I also got my Tri suit for last year there Β£14.99 and it was great. The shorts at Β£5.99 are great now I just have to work up the courage to wear them.


I got some short sleeved and sleeveless tshirts, the gilet and the insoles. Also got the deep heat patches as I always get them when they are cheap as I use them when my back plays up (not really running gear, but allows me to keep running!).


I had a look was going to get the t-shirts and socks. They only had the womens size socks in pink - I DO NOT WEAR PINK and the t-shirts were made of a material that I don't really like.


I got the ladies full length tights - they look good for the price but not tested yet.

I also go some socks - you can never have too many of these :)

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