This definitely works!

So I've been doing this programme for a few weeks now and had got to W4R1 on sunday and happy to complete it. Then on Monday I joined a running club who were organising a free c25k programme with the aim of doing a park run in June. Obviously they were starting back at week 1. So I did the 2nd run tonight with them and felt great! Even managed to sprint the last 1 minute run. I think I shocked myself. My recovery rate between each run was much better as well.. Going to go and do another week 4 run tomorrow as I'll have to miss a few nights of the running club because of work. Hoping it'll all work itself out by the time I get back into track with them. So newbies....keep at it, even if you think you aren't getting anywhere, you definitely are! And as everyone says 99% of it is a mental challenge, your body will cope!

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  • So right!!! This programme is a small piece of genius, it works, and it's addictive too :) well done, keep going!

  • It's so satisfying to notice the improvement in fitness over those first 4 weeks.

    Well done, and it's a great idea to join a running club.

    Wishing you the best of luck on your way to 5k.

  • I was saying to my wife yesterday, actually - one of my favourite things about C25K (and running in general) is how it works on your body without you even noticing - the way that if you can run, for example Week 5 Run 1 on Monday, you'll be able to run Week 5 Run 3 on Friday. It's quite special really.

  • Yup! You get out of it what you put into it - the surprise for most of us, I think, is how great the rewards are! Enjoy your group and keep us posted :-!

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