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W2R2. Hard going but worth it

I was away for work for a couple of days and was worried my routine would be thrown out. But, with lots of encouragement from my work colleagues and from the lovely people on this forum, I donned my gear, plugged in my earphones and went for it.

I was obviously a little too enthusiastic as I ended up going past my halfway turn point and added and extra 5 minutes to my cool down walk.

I'm not sure about my pace, but according to my Strava tracker, I travelled for 3.3 km in 34 minutes.

The last 90 second run was difficult, as I was running out of steam, but perseverance and my typical bloody minded attitude got me to the end.

I'm surprising myself about how much I am enjoying myself. Finally finding my sport after a long search.

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Well done. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself :)


Well done!


Sounds like a good run and a good support system! Lucky you! Well done and good luck for your next run :-)


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