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Awful Run... And Tingly Legs?!


Second post of today... Sorry...

Just got back from the first run of week 8, and it was bl**dy awful. Nearly killed me, had to stop and walk for 20 seconds a couple of times, and a good minute a mile slower than my last one.

I think I got cocky. My last 4 runs, I've been knocking 20/30 seconds off my mile pace in each one, so I started too fast too soon and expected the same to happen. I know speed doesn't matter, but it is annoying.

More importantly, for the last 6/7 minutes I got a really odd numb, tingly feeling in both calves... Its only just fading now. Anyone know what this is or how to stop it?

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If you're doing Couch to 5 k you are supposed to walk for part of the runs, it's what the programme does. Walks and runs

Tingly legs is usual for new runners. I got them and I described them as "electric legs". Almost like electric shocks. They were fine once I got more into the programme and I'm fine now. Make sure you don't overdo things. Have your rest days and do warm ups and cool downs to look after yourself


I'm on week 8, so I'm not sure I count as a completely new runner- I should probably know better. But I think it was just being a bit cocky...


When you say tingly do you mean like pins and needles? It's probably your feet swelling up and your trainers being your usual shoe size. You want a running shoe 1/2 size to a full size bigger than usual.


Yes, just like pins and needles. Maybe that's it- thank you!

mark909Graduate in reply to BethRF

Yes in some of my old trainers my feet would go dead at exactly 40 minutes everytime. It was due to my feet swelling up. I bought a new pair a 1/2 size bigger and stopped having this problem


I know it seems like a bad run but you still did it. It took me weeks to get through W6 as I changed my route to include a hill. I did each of the 3 different runs 3 times. And so what if you were overconfident. You'll know better next time. Put it down to a learning curve and enjoy the next one.



Thanks S. You guys all have so much confidence in me, even if I don't! Going out for run 2 tomorrow, so fingers crossed that will be better. Going to start slower and hope for the best.

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