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Building distance for 10K in July - 6.5K tonight :-)

Funny, it didn't seem hard to carry on once I'd done my 5K, sweaty and breathing heavy - yes (I've always been a classy bird ;-) ) but not beyond my ability, but once I got home I started getting niggly aches again, like I did from time to time in C25K - so glad I decided not to try and finish the additional circuit but to keep roughly within the 10% rule - who knows what I might have done to myself! So - 6.5 towards the 10 I need in July (gonna have to build some late hills in once I've got the distance) - Weds night will be easy exploring night :-) 30 mins of gentle exploring local lanes - nice :-)

Happy running everybody x

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Well done Potty, making progress and on target, much better than pushing it and damaging yourself. Good luck with the exploring!


Well done, Potty, it all sounds as though it's coming along nicely! I'm training for a 10k in July too, so I'm slowly increasing my distance like you are. I'll look out for your progress - it might spur me on!


Hi, Potty :) I love your pseudo. No point pushing it too fast - I can only imagine running 6.5 k in my wildest dreams for the moment. Hope you're having fun exploring those lanes :-D


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