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How far did I go!!!

Now I know you can't trust the Garmin or the GPS apps completely but I think I might on this occasion. I started my C25K journey on 19th January.

I was quite surprised and pleased with myself when I got this update. It is little things like this that keep me going. :) I know it isn't far by loads of peoples standards but to me it is :).

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Well done, Stef! Isn't it nice to have that sense of achievement?


Thanks. Seeing it there in black and white all added up is amazing :). I have run a 5k, a 10k and a Marathon :) and a little bit more :) (I think it might be cheating running them over a month though :)) Keep running :)


It's loads by my standards 😊 nice one. We're turning into people who get happiness from statistics! As long as we don't lose connection with the real world too. Good luck for an excellent April too 😊


Thanks. Sad isn't it. I have to share it here, I don't think anyone else would understand. I feel I have a lot to live up to in April, Up until March the distance was going up nearly every time I went out :) Happy Running. Keep those bridges in sight :)


I might start counting those bridges. I seem to go under and over quite a few, perhaps as many as twenty! Its not sad but perhaps not what we thought running would be all about, although the numbers def help to gauge it all 😊


there's a chap at work who runs. He got me to use strava, which is nice, and useful, but I don't have his love of stats. I guess it's all about what your OCD is.


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