w4 r1 and a question

Well I'm still here! The last time I did this I stopped after week 3, so I'll pleased to be still running! But I have a dilemma. I signed up for a local c25k group and it starts tomorrow night. Obviously it'll start from the first week. They meet twice a week from now to june. I'll have to miss a few nights at the start due to other commitments, so I'm hoping things will even themselves out. But what do I do about my week 4 runs this week? I think it'll be too much to do those and the running group. Bit confused and hoping you guys will offer some help. I think that the running group will help me stay motivated and they have proper coaches there. At the end the group do a park run together.


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4 Replies

  • That sounds like a good programme, especially if you want the group dynamics to keep you motivated. Suggest you have a word with the coaches and tell them where you are on the programme and see what they suggest.

  • Hi having been on both sides of the fence I would say join the c25k group and dont do the week 4 runs if you dont get enough rest in between them and joining the group. I did c25k twice on my own after reaching the 5k goal the 1st time I let a broken shower, major plumbing works and winter be the reason I stopped running such a waste to let it all go! I did it again from scratch (having failed at wk 4 in between that) over a year later. At my 1st 5k race in feb I met a group from a local running group and I havent looked back. I signed up for my 1st 10k at the end of the month and I've already run my 1st 10k route last Thursday, never thought I had it in me but I credit much of it to my running group its been great. When I joined the weather was rubbish but I still kept running and also ours is a large group so there was a mix of speeds even for the c25k groups. I joined a group that were fast c25k they were too fast for me and still are! The fact that you've started already gives you a head start and a bit of extra confidence.

    Hope this helps and that you get as much from your new group as I got from mine! Best of luck!

  • Thanks! I think I will do that and follow the running club, but because I have to miss a few nights at the start of their programme, I'm going to carry on with mine for the next few weeks then fall into line with them! It's a great group with lots of volunteers cheering you on. Running on grass for the first time though, which is definitely working my ankles and calves harder!! Well done on completing 10k that's amazing!

  • I couldnt praise the idea of joining a running club enough having done both c25k on my own you quickly get used to the company and the chat! Your runs go so much quicker and you are more inclined to push yourself a small bit more too! Theres such a variety of experience that its great to bounce running stuff off other in the know. Our group just had a free seminar on last night which was great! Its good to mix up runs too I never did before and it takes a bit of getting used to but its get to get away from the habit of depending on markers on a run. I'd love to hear how it goes for you, give it a couple of weeks to get a feel for it! Thanks on the 10k it was a huge milestone but I was sucked in by the lure of the Samsung nightrun promo video!

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