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Cambourne 10K Today

Cambourne 10K Today

Whey Hey.

Go it done today. Weather was good apart from being a tad gusty.

The race was well organised and the marshals were brilliant all the way around. Did have to check that I was running a race in flat pancake Cambridgeshire as a girt big hill (Very Somerset) appeared at 2-3 Km, that was a shocker.

Time 1 Hr 16 Mins, so not as fast as I wanted, but something to beat next time :)

Felt great to have my name called out on the finishing stretch by the announcer.

Thanks all for your great support on here :)

Not bad for a 19 Stone "patate de sofa" in January :)

Heres the Bling ;)

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Oh yes, man those hills, kept that quite didn't they! Think cambs is flat? No siree!

Brilliant day, well done!



Well done! Lovely bit of bling too :)


Wahey another 10Ker !

Well done Milwalki, sounds like you had a brilliant day, and not a shabby finish either !

Oh I do love reading posts like this, it just shows what can be achieved with this programme.

Many Congratulations to you, and I do love your bling.

Heres to the first of many more to come , Well done ! :-) xxx


Thanks ladies :)


thats brilliant great bling! :)


Wow, that's impressive! Nice bling :-)

Congratulations on your first 10K that must be a fantastic feeling.


Congratulations. Display that bling proudly.


Brilliant well done. That's a pretty good time. I'm so envious, so many of my buddies from here doing all the fab runs while I'm away!


well done glad you enjoyed it


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