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4 more sleeps... then 10K!

Morning folks... I've just finished reading through all the latest updates here and I must say we are quite an amazing group here. Whether it's people celebrating W1R1 (rightly so!) or planning for HMs (you know who you are!) this forum is a great place to share success, seek inspiration and get great advice on pushing through to your personal goals...

For those of you worried about what others think (heckled), don't! You're out there, you're doing this for YOU and you are AWESOME! For those starting out - keep going! You'll love it... it doesn't get "easier" but it does get addictive and if I can make running part of my life I'm convinced anyone can... For those who've graduated - keep running! It's not C25K2C... :) If it's 30 minutes three times a week - great. If it's a long run of more than 5K once a week then great... just keep running (and as Iannoda always says, "keep smiling")...

I have 4 more sleeps until my 10K Riverside Run this weekend and I'm nervous now... I read some great reports of the runs over the weekend and I'm inspired by all of you. This isn't a "race", this is a "time trial" for me. It's the first time I'm putting on a race bib, a timing chip and only the 2nd time I've ever run with other people...

I'm not worried about the running - just the lead up to it and the "madness at the gun"! I'm convinced it's going to be awesome on the day once I settle into a rhythm... I have some goals but the weather and race conditions mean I have a few scenarios to allow me to "reset goals" if I need to... I am taking my music with me but will try to run some of it with only one headphone in as many people say the "buzz" of the crowd pushes you on... and I want to hear them!

These butterflies should melt away when I put on my battle armour (my favourite running gear) early on Saturday morning and start the 20 minute walk to the start line! Knowing I can do the distance has me prepared and I can't wait to cross that finish line no matter how long it takes...

Happy running everyone! This hobby is amazing! C25K works... :)

EDIT: What brilliant tags on this post... haha!

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Hear, hear Aussie, yes best place on the internet for me , definitely .....

I hope you are going to give us the full lowdown of the preparations and build up for your biggie on Saturday a la Miles Yonder , we need daily reports up to and including Friday, then your pre-run report and then post run report and then anything else in between , I will look forward to reading it all , every bit ! :-) xxx


All so true.This forum is great as no one criticises or belittles...everyone's efforts are respected. I am sure you are going to be awesome !!!!


What a great post and agree with everything said about the forum. Wishing you the best day ever for you race day. I am sure you will ace it and have a great time as mentally you seem to be in a great place. And as everyone has said keep us informed.


You said it all Aussie. Can't wait to read all your posts this week, detailing everything Poppy mentioned. Go for Sweetie, you're in for an exciting few days and we want to live it with you. :)


Well Aussiegtc, you sound very well prepared and you deserve to have a great run with all the hard work you have put in to get this far. I hope that you achieve all your goals and can't wait to hear all about it.


Thanks! And I hope you've got your "sparkle" back MrsSparkle... :)


You'll be fine Aussie! The key is to focus on YOUR run and not to get dragged along with too much adrenaline and wild enthusiasm of others!

When I did my 10K fun run in June along the Thames (Twickenham back to Richmond) there were around 700 runners and the vibe was BRILLIANT! The start was very crowded and I didn't get into my stride until about 500 metres, but once I was going, I was fine. I really, really enjoyed it and will deffo do another. My secret was to go slow and not push it (until the final K!!) and I didn't have to stop for a walk once. ran ALL the way - AS YOU WILL MY SON!!!

Post back with the aftermath success story. I'll be reading it for sure!


Brilliant post, Aussie. :-) I agree, we are a great bunch, in our own supportive little running club.

You'll be fine, don't be nervous. :-) I always run solo in training but absolutely love the buzz of races, running with and amongst others and chatting away. I prefer in races to not have music on as I can focus on what's going on around me, but there's nothing wrong in running with your music on. On the races I've done, lots were running with headphones in/on. Some might even have been doing B210K for all I know! :D

You'll do great: enjoy!


Love your post Aussie, you are so right about the forum. I can't wait to hear about everyones running stories on here and really feel I have missed so much if I can't get on here for a day or two.

I'm getting butterflies for you I think! Can't wait to hear all about your race, enjoy! x :-)


We were told not to have music on so I went without it. I prefer running with no music now.

You'll be fine Aussie. Just set out to enjoy the day, the sights, the sounds, the scenery, the buzz, the weather (erk) oh and do your best, cos that's all you can do. Just do try and take in as much of it as you can as you'll be surprised how quickly you forget things. Hopefully there will be an official record in photographs- and maybe a little video - made by the organisers that you can look back on


You will rock it Aussie, you are well prepared and have practised running in this heat too (eeeh!). I alternate running with and without music now, kind of prefer without in a race situation, sometimes. One earphone is a good compromise. Stay hydrated but not over-hydrated (to avoid any UUBs ;-) ) - pace yourself at the start, and most of all, enjoy it! :-)


Looking forward to hearing all about it. Good luck and I'm sure you'll be fine ;o)


Good luck! I look forward to hearing all about it :) I am finding it hard to get on line more than once or twice a week at the moment and loving catching up with everyone's stories :) as others have said steady pace and most importantly enjoy your race :)


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