Week 5 / run 1 done... just!!!

Hello all

Well I thought ok today I will have go at this! and I did it!!! I walked at 3mph and the 1st run at 3.3mph, 2nd run at 3mph and the last run at 2.8 mph. The middle run seemed to hurt more but I carried on. The distance covered was 1.53 miles so I am covering a longer distance, however my pace is about 20min/mile pace, which is the same as my walking pace, how can that be, plus it hurts less.


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  • Who cares how that can be, just keep doing it and doing it and doing it, you're getting out there and doing the right thing, well done and keep going,

  • update

    This morning my Achilles is a bit tight, hope it doesn't go ping!

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