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Had a week off due to kids being off school. Had hoped to do r1 yesterday and do the parkrun today as r2. Well I was too knackered last night and my 5 yr old has lost my parkrun bar code so that plan was out the window lol.

So I attempted r1 today in the midday heat. Oh my. It was a struggle and the heat was incredible but I finished and didnt walk at all. My time was poor but there were some hills (which I've never attempted before) and I kept moving so I'm proud of myself. Bring it on :)

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Nice one, well done for getting out there. Yeah, life, heat, hills, it's rarely straightforward...all part of the challenge!


well done on being out there and completing the run :) life etc can get in the way so don't worry about it :D 2 runs to go :D


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