The Only Way to Visit Westminster

So I've finally put down the high fiveing Westie and joined the fray. Bailey happily went into the kennels for the day and I donned my running kit to join Rob for the Westminster Mile.

It's only a mile I thought, stupid me, yes it was a mile but at breakneck speed!

So we get to the pens and Robs wave with parkrun is immediately before mine, so I see him set off. OMG, what have I let myself in for. It didn't help that my so called "This girl can" wave was well about 20 of us, so no hiding at the back. I was also painfully aware that the next wave was the ex Olympians with the likes of Steve Cram in it and I didn't want to be lapped by him even though it would have been a great photo opportunity! It seemed like no time at all and I was off, at the back and last, headphones in and focused. I tried to pace myself but when your wave just disappears in front of you you try to speed up as best you can. Yes right. I had big girls and young girls all in front and there was i running alone up the mall. Crowd were great and cheered you on but it didn't dampen the embarrassment I felt running alone up the mall. Every now and then one of my wave stopped, walked, took pictures of the crowd and occasionally I passed them. Then just before horse guards parade the ultimate embarrassment, a guy running past me pulling a suitcase and leaving me for dust. I felt like shouting "now that's just taking the ..." But I carried on. Passed a couple of girls again but was flagging. Then I saw it. Buckingham Palace and the finish line in the distance. I looked to the side and there was the last woman about to pass me again. I then said to myself, oh no you don't and sprinted for the line. It must have been noticeable because the crowd erupted and that's what I needed.

On Wednesday I did that mile at home in 16.11. My official time today was 13.22. Not too shabby. In the grand scheme of things I was nowhere near last, I even beat some 17 year olds.

Rob was waiting to congratulate me before I got my bling and his pic says it all. Would I do it again, I'm racing for life next Sunday so watch this space.


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31 Replies

  • I am in awe. Seriously.

  • You should be feeling very proud Baileyb, what an achievement, well done! Enjoy your RFL next Sunday x :-)

  • Thankyou, heading for an arnica bath

  • The distance is further but I can pace myself this time

  • Amazing result well done. I did titter at your comment about the man & his suitcase. That was just plain rude of him though!! I'm not sure I could've kept quiet ☺

  • It could have been worse, could have been passed by a giant banana! Yes there was a giant banana in a different wave though.

  • It transpires that he and his family were late due to trains which is why he still had his case. Good news for him though is he must have been warmed up well with all that rushing. Anyway I wasn't angry with him just frustrated with my lack of speed! Which it turns out wasn't that bad either. So well done everybody.

  • I saw him at the end and did say how funny it was and he did apologise.

  • Very very well done Baileyb . What a fantastic experience for you. Great time too. Congratulations :)

  • It wasn't bad, I'm sure I could do better, onwards and upwards

  • Excellent Baileyb !

    Congratulations to you xxx

  • Not bad for a first try

  • fantastic...well done you... and so so lovely you did it together :)

  • Thankyou. He's much faster than I am, which is why we were in different waves. Running together again in July for Morrisons great Run, that should be fun

  • It only seems five mins ago I graduated c25k

  • I'm also doing the Morrisons in July, that's the one in the Olympic Park, I take it, need to get out there practicing tomorrow, 10km lot longer than a mile :-(

  • Well done to you Baileyb. Best of luck for next week :-) x

  • Fantastic. Well done you. That's brilliant!!!! Be very proud. Xx

  • 5k next week so can pace myself and not run like a looney

  • Well done bailyb I was also.there runner 2382 and due to working the night shift 7.00pm to 8.00am & doing overtime I have not trained much + after doing a 12 hour shift this morning & having to RUN to Green Park because I did not read the leaflet properly I managed to get to the start line with 2 minutes to go!!! not the warm up.that I had planned...but finished with a time of 10:54....there were some quick runners who went to the front at the start and all I could see was backsides!!!! a great morning and I made a few freinds who will be running in the city mile next month.

    :-) :-D

  • Good luck with city mile, hubby just signed up for that too

  • I saw you finish. I did the Parkrun bit and then went to watch for the Olympians near the finish line. I saw the man with the suitcase(!!!) - and I didn't see anyone finish who didn't look great. Very nice bit of bling I thought. Must check my time now.

  • I was in the parkrun wave!

  • THANKYOU. I wasn't looking my best, but who does after running. What time did you do?

  • I did 9.57 which is quite incredible for me. It would normally be about 11.30 -12. I knew I was going too fast and was knackered at the end but thought I should just try and keep running as it was a shorter distance. I am very glad I decided not to use runkeeper as it would have been a PB I could never hope to get near again. I did hear them announce an 86 year old Olympian had done under 10 mins - expect it's in his genes

  • It was my husband with the suitcase! Missed our train from Portsmouth so running an hour late and meant to be in the Parkrun wave but (not surprisingly) it had departed without us. Only way to get us round before the Olympian wave was with him dragging the suitcase behind him! Nearly killed him! Anyway end result is that I have had lots of chats on this website today which I have enjoyed! Onwards and upwards (without any suitcases hopefully!)

  • That's probably my fault as I mentioned "man with suitcase" when I got home yesterday and it kind of snowballed. Well I expected banana costumes but not a man dragging a suitcase. And he was still faster than me. Good on him though, hope he got a good time he deserved it.

  • Excellent - good on him. That 'll be a story to tell for years.

  • Well done, that's. A great time. The crowds are great for cheering you on aren't they. I would do another event just for the crowds.

  • I still feel a little embarrased by the crowds but I'm sure I will get used to it

  • Why do my legs (inner thighs) hurt today? Oh yes let's swing the bling

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