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Wk 5 Run 1 and my red running face

I did it! All that positive thinking worked and I cruised through run 1... if it can be called cruising when your glowing red (see new profile pic!) dripping sweat and grinning like an idiot.

The C25k app even says I improved my predicted 5k time by 4 minutes from the last run which I am very happy with, I pushed myself to get more out of breath this time, thinking about the longer runs coming up, but I was breathing easily again within the recovery periods.... basically, today I rock.

I know a big part of my confidence boost lately has come from everyone on this forum who has given me great advice and support and plenty of pats on the back, these runs are small achievements in the big wide world but it's great to know there are people out there who know how massive they feel to me :)

Looking forward to the next challenge of 8 minutes now!

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Great Stuff Rolyat! You are making great progress. Good luck for the next couple of weeks in particular, 'cos they are the tough ones. Just take it steady and you'll get through. :-)


Nice one Rolyat. Seems like you are going from strength to strength.


It is quite amazing how you can see your fitness improving in a relatively short space of time. Well done and keep it up !


Oh dear, this will be me next week..... Actually I am looking forward to it after reading your post. It sounds exciting


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