Swollen ankle :'(

Sooo gutted. My right inner ankle around the inner maleolus is all puffy and swollen :( it doesnt give me pain as such, more like an awareness that something isnt right every now and again. It gives me minor discomfort when running so is definately tolerable, but i know if i was listening to someone else telling me this i would tell them not to run until it had either resolved or they had it checked out, so as not to make the problem worse or create bigger problems. I really reeeaaaally dont want to stop running because im scared if i do, i wont be able to start again! Anyone else experienced this??

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  • Oh no operation! I had a swollen ankle around week 7. Inner pain developed into outer side / puffy. I rested, iced, gelled and it completely went after about a week. Might be totally different but my experience is don't push on if you really feel there's an issue....it will bit you on the bum!

  • definitely don't run ,it can make it worse , follow the PRICE protocol and see how it goes :)

  • From your own words, it is clear that you know the sensible thing to do is to rest up.

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