My limit?

Week 6 run 3 completed tonight. I think I drank too much water immediately before week 5 run 3 when I felt nauseous. Tonight I felt fine having had just a few sips. I did struggle though. I was thinking that 25 minutes will probably be my absolute limit but afterwards I thought about the increase being just 5 minutes over the next 3 weeks- maybe I will do it....And then Laura said I am a runner! I feel I have come a long way in a short time and I am proud of that!


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  • It is often a good idea to sip water often rather than gulping it down. In endurance sports a hydration pack such a CamelBak is popular for that reason.

    Stick to the program and I think you'll be amazed what your limit are. :)

  • You'd be surprised what your limits are. I struggled with getting up to the full half hour. I'd regularly need a few seconds walk, even long after graduation.

    From now it's all about increasing the time you can run by very small amounts, so that you don't notice are already doing so much good for yourself now and If it takes you another three weeks to graduate, or eight it doesn't matter, including your 5 minute warm up, you are doing three half hour sessions of vigorous exercise a week๐Ÿ˜€

    Well done Trish!

  • To be honest, 2 years ago I thought 20 minutes of running would be my absolute limit but I'm going to be running my first marathon next week...little steps gets you to places you never dreamed off...hang in there :)

  • You have smashed all the limits you thought you had over the last 6 weeks, and in three weeks time you'll run for 30 minutes. Then if you carry on you'll run further and faster, and it'll get easier as your fitness improves. That is what c25k is all about

  • You should be proud of yourself Trish. You will soon be a graduate.

    I too made the mistake of drinking too much water once. Not a nice feeling.

    Paula Radcliffe says you don't need any water at all if you're only running for 30 minutes. And she should know. I followed her advice and all is well.

  • I think we all have those little niggles of doubt sometimes. Week 7 is just consolidation of what you've already done, so you know you can do it :) By the time you get to week 8 and then 9 you'll be absolutely fine with those small increases in time. Not long until graduation ;)

    Congratulations on being a runner. We know so, because Laura says so :)

  • That's great. You will do it remember to just stay slow and steady. Good luck!

  • Wow, week 6 run 3, you are miles in front. I am envious. I am only week 4. I may do week 4 for a couple of weeks. I am a very unfit 68 years old. When I was young I used to do mountain climbing and I will always remember that we were not supposed to drink water while climbing. We would eat a quarter of a lemon rubbed in sugar and carry on. We would do this as often as needed. We were told that water would "cut our legs" meaning : we would find it very hard to carry on. We would only drink water on the summit and rest or at the end of the day when reaching a refuge. Interesting how rules change.

  • When I first started the programme it was to be able to do something for exercise. I wanted to graduate then run 20-30 mins 3 times a week.

    But you know what, that wasn't quite enough. I worked towards 5k which at first took about 39 mins and now takes about 35 mins.

    I'm not a mad fit runner like many have gone on to, but I run 5-6k 3 times a week and am now working towards 10k. It's surprising how it just creeps up on you. And you will be surprised.

    I would say stick religiously to the programme then just keep running regularly. It's just the best way of saying fit and healthy. I love it! (She says just about to get ready to go out for a run :-) )

    Good luck :-) xx

  • Well done Week 6 run3 is great once you finish and she says your a runner. I done mine Monday 2nd attempt and 25 mins is a struggle for me mainly my calves hurting. However I'm on my 2nd 25min run of week 7 now. It is great and I hope you carry on. Won't be long to graduation :-) Good luck x

  • Thank you all again for all the support. x

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