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Right! That's IT!!!!

This morning, I got down the stairs with ne'er a twinge.

I did some cautious hops and skips down the corridor. I did some stretches. I walked to the Post Office. Came back and did some lunges and another couple of hops and skips...

No pain in shins!! Yippee!

I gleefully dusted off my gear and trainers, and thought, I'll just try a trot around the block to see how things are in the shin department.

Naaaah. After 10 steps it was clear that there was No Way. B*m, B*gger, B******s. The old knitting needle under the periosteum was as bad as ever.

Time to seek out the professionals, and appointment duly made at the physio made popular with all my local HM chums. Other Arf will undoubtedly say "what the hell d'you wanna go and do THAT for??" Because even with the free-but-limited advice given by the physios at work, there is obviously something not right. I think it might be having to run around at work for 2 days a week for 10 hours at a time, so I can't rest up properly. I don't want to take sick time. I'm not sick. I need to keep sick leave for when I AM sick, because we get the bare minimum so I may have to take some precious annual leave.

Watch this space fellow C25Kers, I shall not give up! Come the glorious revolution I will be flying the flag, and it will have Parkrun on!

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Oh no! Quel disaster! Hope the physio can sort you out :(


Lawks! Hope they can fix you up PDQ. Commiserations!


double dam and blast :( hopefully physio will have the answer for you :)


Awww, so sorry to hear the optimism turn to renewed pain. That sucks big time, Allie! I hope the physio can help, and I agree with you that you need a dedicated session (or several), rather than some well meant advice given in-between other work.

Fingers crossed. I know you can do it! :)


Oh bad news Allie, really bad news. :( It was all sounding so positive too. Think you're very wise to see a physio who's been recommended by other runners. Have my fingers crossed that it's trivial and easily dealt with. Failing that, hope it's something the physio has lots of experience and, more importantly, success with. Good luck m'dear.


Its time that you need....and it's horrible!!! 2 weeks and counting, with another two weeks before I can even consider a gentle run. It's the most frustrating thing when your mind is raring to go but your body won't let you. Chin up Allie. It's a blink of an eye in grand scheme of things (bo*%*cks to that?!!!!)


B*m and bu**ger indeed!!!!! Feel for you .....and hope you get good info from the physio👣


You will run again!

Never fear. Maybe a short break will be required but fingers crossed you'll come back stronger than ever

Think positive. We all will too, and by the sheer power of collective thought, you'll soon be lacing up your running shoes


Oh Ali, I am sorry to hear that , but never fear , this is just a setback and you will get over it .

You have made the right decision , you will get sorted

Chin up Ali, this too shall pass :-) xxx


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