New Shoes

New Shoes

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to transition to a more "natural" shoe and these are a step in that direction.

They are Asics Gel-Evation (A year old model I think) and the are lovely and light and have a 'drop' of around 8mm. They are due to see their first action on Thursday.

A bonus is that the colour matches my Kinesio tape ;) (which incidentally is causing major grief for my left hip - I was warned that it would).

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  • Very nice :)

  • I love the colour!!

  • Me too. According to Asics, they are Atomic Blue :)

  • Mmmmm - like these a lot! Lovely

  • Yay! Shooooeeeesssss :) enjoy!

  • they look super. Why do womens shoes always look so much nicer and brighter than men's shoes?

    Not sure what it is about running shoes but I have become very possessive about mine and OCD - they have to be laced just right. One pair for the gym, one for parkrun and I never use them for anything but running. I have another pair of nike's for 'normal' use.

  • Lovely, lovely shooos !

    Plus a very artistic display using a bookcase and a candle- Nice ! :-) xxx

  • LOL. There just happens to be a lamp over there and I needed the light to take the photo with my tablet.

  • Very nice! Need to get a bit of mud on the soles though.

  • Running shoe envy... I need to invest in a new pair ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bloo shoos! Very nice x

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