new shoes!

new shoes!

I'm usually wary of bright trainers - having big feet for a woman - and adding half a size for running means I don't want to draw attention to them but then I thought if they detract some attention from my bright red sweaty face then jobs a good'un!

My only complaint about them is that the laces are too short, I like a nice secure shoe and I can barely manage a tiny bow in them once I've got the tension right.

Actually, I don't think the picture does justice to how bright the purple is...

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  • Very nice!!! Hope you have many happy runs together :)

  • Nice! Hope they give you wings :)

  • They look a bit quiet to me - didn't need sunglasses to look at them! :) Hope they serve you well!

  • Oooh I like them!!! Bet they're not as big as my clunky size 9's!!!!!

  • almost, 8.5 but I've got some size 9's too :)

  • Lovely! I quite like shorter laces as longer ones can be a pain and flop about.

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