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combining running with errand !

I managed to combine my run with something useful today. I had a bunch of posters to put up to publicize a kid's programme I'm involved with on Sunday, but was worried about fitting it in with my run - when I realised I could combine the two in a shortish run.

So off I set in my running gear, but clutching a bundle of posters and with a roll of sellotape in my pocket. After my warmup walk I broke into a jog, which took me exactly a kilometer to my 1st location. Paused my garmin, stuck my posters. Reactivated my garmin and jogged to next location 0.5k. More posting, then reactivated garmin and jogged 1k home. As a bonus, my final k was a new record for me - I was nice and warmed up - realised at the 800m mark that if I pushed the pace a bit I would come in below my previous best, so I did. (7m30s /km if anyone is counting...)

That would be a good afternoon !

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How brilliant, a great example of multitasking there :)


It is well known that stopping to put a poster up every kilometre is the most effective way to run faster kilometre pace, especially if the poster is the C25k poster available from here

Keep running, keep smiling.


Hence the phrase, 'running an errand" 😊


Double helping of self satisfaction and smugness ! Great idea and great fastest k.


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