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Just done W2R3

Well the new runners and socks felt great.

But I did stop on the 4th run about 5 seconds before Laura told me too! Maybe a bit of mind over matter, and I think I might do my first 3 runs a little quicker than the others so think I need to slow them down a little (not that I'm very fast anyway) need to make up my mind now what to do on Wednesday. Begin week 3 😲 or stay on week 2 for another run or 2 💭

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Begin week 3. You're exactly right- slow things down and keep that mind focused on finishing every run set. You can do it - you're doing just fine.


Thank you, feeling nervous! 😊


If you know why it was harder than it was supposed to be (in this case it looks as if you probably ran a little too hard at the start of the run) you are probably safe to start week 3 as long as you correct what was causing the problem before. If you really struggle on the week 3 run I'd be prepared to either drop back and do the week 2 run again once or twice until you are happy, or extend week 3 by repeating until that works. Don't step up a level unless you know what the problem was and know that you can correct it. Some of us simply need to repeat these runs more than twice.


Thank you, im gonna give it a go and take my time 😃


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