janda does the North London Half!

janda does the North London Half!

Feeling pretty good placing 1805/ 4788 and 74th in my category (Men 50-54) in a new Personal Best time of 1 hour 52 minutes 35 seconds. A full 51 seconds faster and on a more challenging course. (Mildly undulating apparently doesn't include the big hills!) Refueled before facing the next ordeal ... shopping in Sainsburys . Photo below is before the start at the home of Saracens Rugby Footbal Club.

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  • Hats off dude. Amazing. I am well impressed and congratulations.

  • Cheers Dan. feeling good. Now to plan for Hackney!!

  • If that's the Vitality HM in May, I'll see you on the start line!

  • wow...thats a fantastic time, well done you and thats a brilliant rank for your age category too.... :)

  • Thanks JJ. It's a good feeling and motivating for the next one which I'd like to get down to 1:50 if I can. It probably means shaving another seven seconds off every km to do it. Better think of a plan!

  • That sir, is one incredible achievement. Well done you, you should feel very, very proud of yourself.

  • Thanks Rob, I do.

  • Wow!!! Amazing. Well done you! You will do it! Goodbye 51 seconds!!!!

  • Let's see what I can do about the 2 minutes and 35 seconds next time!

  • That's what I meant!!! Got confused I was so impressed with your time!!!!

  • Great time!! Well done

    Sainsbury's! No can do . Sorry. Bone in me leg!

  • Thanks Miss W

  • Cheers KittyKat.

  • Very impressive - well done!!

  • Nice time, Dude. I'm still working on sub 2hrs, so chapeau, sir, chapeau!

  • Thanks Rignold. Keep pushing and you'll reduce that time.

  • thats an excellent time! well done Janda! :) i did Sainsburys yesterday, it was quite stressful! :X

  • Thanks. I know what you mean.

  • Brilliant ! Well done to you ! :-) xxx

  • Cheers Poppypug.

  • Wow! Well done that man!

  • Thank you Potty.

  • Fantastic :) it's always great to hear of other peoples pb's, makes you all the more determined to go get one yourself :D

  • Yes it does, doesn't it? I was saying earlier today that the motivation comes from what others say, do and think to encourage you. I have had lots of it from these pages and from elsewhere on social media. Thanks.

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