Bi-centennial run!

Well, this morning I completed my 200th run logged on Runkeeper, and following nearly 4 weeks laid up with a horrible flu virus I was delighted to have worked my way back up to just over 5k today. Admittedly a slow 5k but I feel I am back on track.

I have apparently covered 1,115k and burned 79, 876 calories! Sadly I must have eaten all of them as I have lost precisely 0 pounds over that same period 😄

I think it's safe to say that running has become a habit with me, but somehow I am still amazed every time that I can do it.

Here's to the next 200 runs!


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34 Replies

  • A wonderful milestone! Well done you!

  • Thanks Rob - glad to see that you enjoyed your parkrun this morning despite your misgivings!

  • Bril - welcome back. I've put weight on since starting to run! Think I'm eating more - people tell me its muscles but I don't think so, not after only 10 weeks! Terrific stats.

  • Thanks Buffy. Sadly the calories used do not ever seem to match the effort involved!

    I think you have to be a marathon runner to be able to claim that it's all about muscle weighing more than fat!

  • Well done Ully, I dont bother looking at the weight bit, I haven't lost any either, I just think it's moved about a bit, some wobbly bits are not quite so wobbly, but other things have (ahem..) grown, I.e calf muscles!

    Mx 😀

  • Yes, its just shifted hasn't it!

  • Wow, impressive stats, congratulations!

  • That's impressive. Congratulations. Hope those calories went on tasty titbits!!

  • Thanks. I lost 3.5 stone before starting the programme so really feel that the running has helped me to keep it off.

  • Thats a great achievement ully! Glad you're feeling better :)

    I did slimming world too in 2012, losing 2 stone, and im sure the running has helped ALOT in keeping it off, as i have to admit im not so strict with my diet nowadays, though thinking i might get back in that mode soon! just eaten porridge portion that must be 3 times that of SW size :X

    CONGRATULATIONS on those 200 runs! :)

  • wow thats a great milestone Ully :D good for you

  • Great achievement, very well done😊

  • Thanks all - I can't quite believe it! C25K has certainly started something.

  • Welcome back from flu. Those are excellent stats; I bet you never thought when you started that you'd be able to say "I've run over 1000Km". It's become a habit with me too and one I really value.

  • Thanks - little and often for me but it's amazing how it builds up!

  • That's a great achievement Ully. So glad you've recovered from flu now :)

  • Thanks AM - it seems to have been a long haul!

  • fantastic, well done you, that is certainly something to aim for....

  • That's amazing!!! Well done you!!! I think it's a habit for life now. Brilliant!!!! I think that deserves a treat!!!!

  • A little glass of wine may pass my lips tonight!

  • Little??!! Make it large!!! Enjoy!!!

  • Very inspiring well done and here's to the next 200!! I'm a long way behind you, if I achieve anything like that I would be thrilled!!

  • You will - just keep plugging away.

    I'm not fast and I don't do great distances - but I love it!

  • Whoa Ully, thats halfway around the world ! :-D

    What an inspiration you are , and a much loved member of the forum xxx

    Fab stats, Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Aww Pops, that's so sweet - back at you!

  • Hey!!and wow! after having time out and still doing over 5k! That's brilliant! Enjoy your wine and very glad that you are literally back up and running! x

  • Well done Ully! That's some stat!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon and are back up to speed in no time X

  • Well done U. I hope it's onwards and upwards now. The horrid flu bug gone. The warmer weather is around the corner. Happy running.

  • You inspiration, you!

  • Congratulations Ully. Glad you are able to get back into your stride

  • Many congratulations that is amazing. How great are those stats!!

  • Well done Ullyrunner. It's not a bad habit to have is it :-)

    Here's to the next 200 :-) xx

  • Brilliant! You've done exactly double the runs I've managed, and I know what you mean about being amazed, I feel the same every time I run.. can't be me surely? Well done, enjoy the next 200 xx

  • That is great Ully! Way to stick with it!

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