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Outside / pace

Just been for a run outside. I usually use a treadmill but with the weather improving I thought I would have a go. I'm still new at this running but it felt good to be outside. I used a running app to see my route etc. but could someone explain what 14' 7" pace. Means is that good/bad. I'm just about to start week 5 of c25k. I didn't use it today, I just wanted to run. Thank you.

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That looks like a pace of 14mins, 7 seconds per mile. As long as you are running... that's the main thing... dont worry about speed / pace for now.

Glad you got outside... its so much nicer :-)


I think it usually means that's how quickly you run either a mile or a kilometer.


It sounds like you have your settings set to show you minutes per mile.

As such that means 14 minutes 7 seconds per mile.

If you prefer that is:

8 minutes 49 seconds per Kilometer

4.25 mph ; or



Thank you. Yes It is in miles.


All I can say is well done! I didn't work out the pace thing until after graduation :o


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