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No pain?

Hi all, I finished week2 run 3 yesterday but after the last 3 runs I haven't been feeling any pain or tightness in muscles during the rest days, is this normal? I have been running on my motorised treadmill at speed 8 and brisk walking on 5.5 which isn't exactly slow.. I have really been pushing myself.

Just wondered about other people's experiences.

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Most people feel some aches and pains when they start an unfamiliar exercise regime, but it is not compulsory. Running on a dreadmill is, apparently, gentler on your legs in particular, so that may be the reason you are not in pain. Perhaps you have used your running muscles frequently and in the same way as running tests them.

Can you feel your legs if you pinch them? Count yourself lucky and long may it last.


No need to push hard. It seems the way to the injury bench. 9 weeks to the programme. Getting injured early would be annoying


Be glad! Ideally you want to avoid aches and pains. Just because the rest of us are falling to bits....


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