Day 1

Its the first step, isn't it? Just getting through the front door with running gear on listening to a "very supportive husband" suggesting I stay near houses in case anything goes wrong and I need help. That wasn't the most difficult bit though.... It was getting a sports bra on without the assistance of my grand daughter but I managed. I did start the Couch to 5k, with her, several weeks ago while in France. There we live in the countryside with cows for company so nobody looking at how odd you feel! I completed week one, never believing I could, came back to England, and stopped. So today I did it. The first run of week one and every intention to keep going.


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17 Replies

  • Hooray - it really is the hardest bit, just getting through that door! Keep coming here for support (not the sports bra type) and when you want to share your triumphs. take it slow and steady and do what Laura tells you and you will be fine. Don't forget to stretch out after your runs - helps to reduce the stiffness.

    Good luck.

    Incidentally, the only thing worse than trying to get into a pull on sports bra is trying to get it off again when you are all sweaty😥

  • Thans for your supportive words.

  • YAY! Well done! And yes, the sports bra IS one of the hardest parts :-) Good luck, look forward to hearing your progress reports :-)

  • Thanks for the reply.

  • Yes, the sports bra is a challenge. I run first thing in the morning and part of my routine is waking my husband up so he can help me with it. Fortunately he is very supportive of what I a, doing and can roll over for a bit more sleep and join me for breakfast when I get back. He laughs that he is trusting the turkey. Well done for (re)starting, it is the hardest bit.

  • Thanks for the reply

  • Good for you ! I ended up getting a sports bra that does up like a normal bra because those 'over the head' ones were just too difficult !!

  • Thank you so much for the advice, will try to find one.

  • well done for making a start again ,often the thought of starting is far worse than actually doing it :D good luck with your future runs :D

  • Many thanks

  • Yes it is the hardest and you've done it! Fab. I don't like those complicated bras that you have to pull on/off (I get a bit claustrophobic when it's stuck half way! I just have visions that I'd have to get a fireman to cut me out of it!) There again that might not be a bad idea! So I just stick to the ones that hook at the back. Much easier.

  • Many thanks

  • Well done on being so determined and starting again. Good luck.

    BTW many a lady would be jealous that you have such generous assets that require 'taming' for your runs :)

  • well done. The hardest run os over now. The sports bra is a chore though. I run in a normal bra the first couple of time and it ended up in disaster. I now have a great one that zips up the front 😊. Good luck on your next run .

  • Thanks for the advice

  • We'll done popley2 you have taken the biggest step. Luckily I don't have to don the sports bra, not yet anyway lol. Keep up the good work and with the forum support you will become a runner J ps I graduated today :)

  • Thanks for the message and congratulations.

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