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Week 5 - Completed

Well, I've just gone and done it. Ran for 20 minutes non stop!

That was tough, but mentally more than physically, after 5 minutes running I thought I'll never manage 20. After 10 minutes running I knew I would manage it.

All day I was thinking will I wait until tomorrow before attempting it. So glad that I didn't.

Absolutely buzzing. What a fantastic programme!


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Oh well done ! Im dreading tackling this run on monday so you have inspired me :)

Love the comment about knowing you could do it when you hit 10mins. Great display of gremlin bashing



Thanks ddmm. I too was dreading it too, but if you have followed the programme you will be able to do it.

I know it's hard to believe, because I got told the same thing by many people and still doubted myself, but they were right. It's amazing how this programme conditions the body.

I really think it's psychological. Twenty minutes seems really long, but after 10 I seemed to be in a rhythm and realised I wasn't finding it more difficult than after 5 minutes. I hope this makes sense. The last 10 minutes seemed to fly by. (OK, the 20th minute was slow, but I was clock watching at this point!).


P.S. Don't tell anyone, because I'll get into trouble for not sticking to the programme, but I sneaked an extra wee minute in at the end!!

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It is more a mental challenge than a physical one, and well done in resisting the temptation to delay


'so true - squaring up to those early 'Dont think I can do this' wobbles is the secret, well done! :)


Well done. Like so many before you, have dreaded this run. But all come through ok. It's a great program. And you should be well pleased with yourself. Its a big step in your progress. Cheers.


Thanks for posting... I've got this one coming up tomorrow so very happy to read posts like this! Well done :-)


amazing! well done!


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