New Shoes and a PB!

Just wanted to share the excitement on both fronts. The new Asics I obsessed about ordering finally arrived, and are amazing. I've got a full day of typing going on here, so can't get out, but have got them on anyway. Did run first thing, though, in the old faithfuls, and got a new best ever of 30:45. Since the graduation run last week, the 5Ks have gone 36ish, 34ish, 32ish and now this. More miracles :)


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43 Replies

  • Good lass! Well done. Just think what you'll do when you take those babies out for their trial run. You'll have fun finding out

    Go Glud!

  • How cool!!! You are amazing!!!

    Which Asics did you get?

  • Gel Cumulus. I'm hoping they feel as good when I run as they do when I type...

  • Do they make you type faster? :-P

  • Actually, I think they might, but I spend more time looking at this forum than getting on with it!

  • Good fast shoes=typing faster=more spare time to look at other things. Your purchase was very wise!

  • Where's the picture it's the law ! 😉 grad run for me Saturday hooray

  • Go Jase! Been wondering how you're getting on! Good luck for Sat! :)

  • I'm in line for finishing tomorrow woop woop keep those bugs away for one more day :)

  • Good luck, Jase. Is it going to be a parkrun finish?

  • No better than that it's my sons 14th birthday so we are going to celebrate the two things together :)

  • well done. I can't wait for my first 5k. Nearly there longest so far (not counting the warm up/cool down) is 4k

  • My first one was on Run 3 of Week 9. You're not far off already :)

  • Look at those times - your shaving lots of time off your 5km. Enjoy your new trainers!!!

  • Thanks!

  • That's fab, GLudwig! You're flying now!

  • Flying without wings, cue the music :)

  • That's amazing, congrats! Wish I was even close... enjoy your new shoes, let us know how they go x

  • Thanks, Curly. I was pushing it and should probably calm it down a bit, but was amazed it was possible!

  • Blimey GLudwig! That's some PB streak you've got going there! Congratulations! :-)

  • Blinking heck! Tons faster than me - well done!

  • Whoa, this Girl is on fire !!

    Absolutely FAB-U-LOUS Glud, well done and I hope you and your new beauties are very happy together :-) xxx

  • Brilliant times there G. And the new shoes will only add to your speed! Well done - since graduation, you're going great guns!

  • Thanks, and apologies for laughing at your misfortune earlier. I couldn't help it!

  • Sounds like you are still going strong😊😊And new shoes yet to be used!!Has there been a pic?

  • There was Pot, I won't do a second or I'll look even more obsessive. Hope all going well with you :)

  • I'm sitting in hospital while my OH has his hip op(sounds odd lol)'s a long wait😕But did manage a run last night and will do a longer one on Saturday.

  • Hope it goes well Pot xxx

    Hip op does sound funny ha ha like he is dancing . Mind you , he will be after his op :-D xxx

  • Yes, hope it goes well x

  • Thanks....

  • Wow, that's amazing PB. And what a hoot you sitting there with your shoes on! Good old you.

  • Thanks, Buffy, I've missed you! Got my slippers on now, still typing. How are you getting on?

  • It's funny how once everything is in place - you can concur the world. I wonder how fast the Asics are going to be. Waiting in anticipation for a new PB. Hee hee ⌚️👟

  • Yes quite Ania - now she's got to go even faster - definitely under 30 mins next time. You're a real testament to the success of this programme Gludwig. I've been really naughty - I'm definitely not turning my back on it but my knees are really sore (just come downstairs and they're not much better) so am having a week off - and definitely no parkrun for me this Sat. I'm a cycling fan - so will cycling once the roads are clean and dry - but I'll keep up my running I'm sure. I'll just have to see how it goes for now. Just loving your enthusiasm.

  • Oh no, hope the knees recover soon and you can get back to it. Maybe a few gentler runs to ease back in when they feel a bit better, rather than the all-guns-blazing Week 9-ers? I must admit, my knees have been cracking quite a lot! I'm hoping the new shoes remind me to slow down and that I don't want to overdo it. I love cycling, too. Running or cycling, it's just so nice getting out there at the moment.

  • Yes you must be careful not to overdo it (although you are younger than me) - I can see you're going to be one of these people achieving great things in the future and certainly now that you are so close it'll be very tempting just to get under that 30mins. I'll be back I'm sure. x

  • it is pretty amazing what new shoes and hard work can confidence can do :D really well done Gludwig :D n you will sub 30 in no time :D

  • Brilliant GLudwig, well done. You'll fly with your new shoes! :-)

  • How great your shoes have arrived, and what great progress with your 5ks! Hope the typing went well, this forum is a right distraction for me too!! Not from typing- just general life,and errands!

  • Yes, I can't keep off the damn thing!

  • Looking out for your 2nd Parkrun report - and in those new shoes too.

  • The shoes haven't been out, Buffy, and nor have I. Stinking cold, rotten cough, fed up! Although, I guess it will be even more of a treat when I do get out there... for now, it's more typing and thyme tea.

  • Oh blow - that's unfair. All these people on the forum today raving about the weather and their successes and there you are inside. :( Nevermind - sure you'll go even faster next week after your rest.

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