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From the dreadmill to the great outdoors

I've been following the programme on the treadmill at the gym because of my dodgy joints. But this morning the weather was so beautiful - a clear blue sky and cold but crisp - so I set off for w7r3 along the seafront. The view around Swansea bay was wonderful and I absolutely loved my run. It was just SO different to the treadmill - instead of stressful, relaxing and exhilarating by turns. I'm won over - I can't go back to the treadmill now I've seen the light! There were a few other runners out and we smiled and acknowledged each other as we passed - it made me feel like a proper runner lol. My joints aren't complaining at all and I've got good shoes so fingers crossed if I take my rest days as I'm supposed to I can keep going outside. Keep everything crossed for me lovely people!

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I'm sure that your post will inspire everyone to go and run outside. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Now you know why we all love it too and so pleased that you now feel like a proper runner.

And now that you've run 25 minutes four times (I think W6r3 is 25 minutes too) you'll be feeling confident about graduating. Good luck!


Thanks Marky. I can't get over how different it was - I felt positively serene afterwards! I suppose it helped that it was such a beautiful morning. The way I'm feeling about it now though I'd be prepared to run in the rain rather than go back to the stinky old treadmill.

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Everything crossed for you. Sounds like a beautiful run.


That sounds like a beautiful run. And a perfect day for making the transition. Happy days!


Thnk you Irish Princess and Gettingfitter - it was indeed lovely out there today. I can't be stuck in the gym when there are beautiful views like that to enjoy.


I started off doing a mixture of outdoor and treadmill runs, generally 2 outdoor and 1 at the gym each week. I don't have any particular joint problems, but I felt I would get a sense of progress by tracking distance and speed on the treadmill - plus there has been the odd day when the weather was so foul it made sense anyway. I have generally enjoyed outdoor runs so much more, so different to enjoy the light, the views and even a bit of sun. Like you I am by the sea (Southsea in my case), and it's amazing how lovely it can be first thing in the morning even if the day turns foul. I run on tarmac paths and paved promenades, it's all quite flat and easy. Apart from planning around the wind, I think the only thing to be careful of is going off too fast at the beginning. I use run keeper to track distance and pace, I start it after the warm up and stretches, so I am measuring only the running part and therefore seeing real progress. I am now on W9 and probably won't use the gym now other than for weather reasons. Good luck.


I'm glad you found outdoor running enjoyable, and that your joints havnt suffered. Running outside can be so enjoyable and uplifting. I run early in the morning 5h00 when it's still dark here during the week, then at the weekend I run during daytime. But I'd rather run outside in the dark than on a treadmill. looking forward to spring arriving though so my morning runs will be in daylight :)

Happy Running :)


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