Can the 'Dreadmill' really be fun?

I am going home from sunny Tenerife in 5 weeks time (I hope to graduate before I leave!) and am wondering how I am going to be able to keep running back in Scotland where it will be cold, dark and inevitably raining or snowing... So is the treadmill a reasonable option? Is it easier or harder on the knees and joints than running on paths?

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10 Replies

  • It's supposed to be easier on the joints. I've only been on a treadmill once when I was having my gait analysed and I absolutely hated it. I run in really cold weather,rain and hail and snow and love it. (North west England) but I'd imagine coming from hot weather would be a shocker. I'm dreading the summer as I'm not good in the heat even walking!! Funny what we all get acclimatised to :) Good luck anyway with whatever you decide :)

  • I think its a reasonable option. I find it easier on the joints but it can be a bit boring for some people. I use one just on the days that I really can't get out. I find now that I love running in the rain and cold, and I'm not very good in the heat. I hope you get to graduate soon and enjoy your running whatever you decide. You can always listen to a good book, or radio or music while you're pounding away! x :-)

  • My sister-in-law suggested an e-book or podcasts to combat treadmill-boredom so I will try that. I might even try running in the cold (I draw the line at rain though!) but it's going to mean investing in some warmer running clothes :)

  • I find the rain very invigorating but maybe I'm weird ;) I have a dog walking business so am well used to the outdoors :)

    Good luck with your getting to graduation Lynne

  • I'm new to it and only on 2nd week of C5K but I'm using the treadmill as have dodgy knees and just recovering from torn ligaments in ankle so too scared to go outdoors as yet. I am using the C5K app and have a playlist to stop me feeling bored and it makes the time go a lot faster as you get carried away with the song. My only downfall if I'm worried I break into song in middle of gym!

  • I'm not a lover of the 'Dreadmill', but if it weren't for it this winter my runs would be down to 1 per week - the Parkrun. It has really enabled me to keep running and also build up my stamina too. So don't be too quick to knock old Dread!

  • I would much rather be out in the open but have had to resort to using the treadmill for midweek runs after a few close escapes with slippy paths and potholes that were invisible in the dark.

    Can't say I like it and it is definitely booooooring. But like Theziggy, if it wasn't for the treadmill I would be limited to 1 run a week until light nights are back.

    I find it harder than running on the road and it is very warm in the gym so I really struggle to keep up the long distances, but at least you wouldn't need to acclimatise yourself!

  • Probably not "fun", but useful exercise to cover the days when it's too dangerous or too wet to venture outside. Hope you're enjoying Tenerife while it lasts ;)

  • Thanks for all the responses - I think the treadmill is definitely going to be preferable to potholes!

  • I've never done it on a treadmill and in all honesty I don't want to, I think it gives more of an adventure aspect to running if you do it outside and are faced with challenging elements, and Scotland will be amazing... Have fun!!!!

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