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Today's run -5 km- New learning

Today's run -5 km- New learning

Good morning

After getting the graduate badge it's time for going advance

Started the training for half marathon.

As of now I am in the consolidation mode.

Today's run was of 5km and was good

So what I learned today is

Pacing yourself right is the key to run

If you want to speed up your run- your body should allow it. You should achieve that fitness level and speed comes naturally.

Today I tried to speed up for the first two km and then I was breathless so then I came down to the normal breathing and that eased my run a lot

So it's very important to find your right pace

Tomorrow I am going for the 3 km as a recovery time and day after tomorrow is the day of 5km RACE.

So let's keep going


Keep running


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Mmmmmmm........Congratulations on your graduation Viraniparvez, but in my experience I achieve better times by having a very easy week before a race, with at least two days rest beforehand. We are all different, but don't forget you are a new runner and your risk of injury by doing too much too soon, is probably at its greatest right now.

Good luck with your race.


For me it's better if to speed up with each k run. I always take about 10 mins to really get into a rhythm so I start slowly and end much quicker. That's just me though.


Yes, do take care and don't so too much too soon, those times look quite fast...I love those symbols though, I'm at tortoise level...good luck with your race, don't foget to tell us how it goes xx


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