Help with speed?

Hey up :)

I literally just finished the first day of the first week, and there's something I'm not sure of. I'm on a treadmill - what speed should I set for walking/running, so that this isn't a waste of time but I'm not pushing myself too hard?

Sorry that I'm not giving details regarding my current state of fitness, but I'm not really sure what to measure it by. I'm 18 and more into Dragon Age than running, but I'd really like to run Race for Life this year instead of walking :)

Thanks for reading this :)


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  • Can't give you any advice whatsoever - but well done for starting. Wish I was your age. This is a fantastic forum, fabulous people, wonderful support - especially when the going gets tough. Good luck and keep posting. :)

  • Thank you :D

    Even just looking through the forum now, I can see how lovely everyone's being to each other. I'm looking forward to carrying this on, even if it's just to talk to such pleasant online about it! xD

  • Friendliest bunch of folk you'll ever meet means . You'll get lots of advice and help Good luck

  • Thank you :D

  • PS - you will get loads of advice and support from other people - its just that I personally don't know anything about treadmills ......... except to say, go slowly, then slow down some more.

  • It varies from person to person, but the overall aim of this programme is to build up fitness and stamina not speed. I've just completed Week 2, Run 2 and find that I like to alter my speed. I start each new week at a slower speed and will increase it by half a km per hour if I find myself running into the front of the machine too much or for the last run of the session if I'm not too tired.

    I started out running at 6 km per hour because that matched my fitness but I now find that 4-5 km per hour is a good walking speed for me (depending on how tired out I am) and 7-8.5 km per hour for running. Essentially I adjust my speeds so that I will be a little tired after a run but not exhausted. Everyone is different so find what works for you, and don't push yourself too hard. : D

  • Brilliant :) Today I used 4km/h to walk and 6 to run, so I'll see if I can get to the 7-8 you've managed by the end of next week :D

    I'm just one of those people that likes numbers to back up what I'm doing, you know? So if we started out the same, I'll see if I can follow your lead xD Thank you!

  • I'm the exact same and I felt so lost when I began without someone telling me what speed I should do. When I was being shown how to start the machine I had it at 0.8 km per hour and clung to the handles for dear life while the man tried to coax me up to 1km but I'm getting more confident with it now.

    Just remember to listen to your body throughout, if you're feeling a pain in your legs it's a good idea to slow it down. Congrats on your first run, hope you enjoy the program. : )

  • My first time on the treadmill, I managed to kick my phone across the room... I hope I've improved since then!

    Thanks for the advice :) Now all I need to do is keep at it! Which... is not my forte, tbh. Having a forum dedicated to the programme is rather motivating though :D

  • Hi you two - meames and olivejuice. I'm just about to graduate on Saturday (wwwweeeeeee!!) and what's kept me going is having someone to 'run' with and chat to - so great that you've found eachother already! By the time you get to week 8 the excitement of finishing this amazing journey together is almost too much to cope with! When it gets really tough, its knowing that you've got to post on here that keeps you going - neither of you are going to let the other do it but not you now are you!

  • Haha, well done for being about to graduate, that's awesome! It's definitely going to be nice having people to talk to, you're right :D

  • Wow, that seems so far away right now I can't imagine reaching that point. Congratulations indeed! This forum is wonderful and has helped me out so much already. It's so inspiring to see that this programme has such a steady sucess rate. : D

  • Really don't have a clue regarding treadmills but well done on starting and nice to have a goal to strive for :)

  • Thank you! Last couple years I've walked it, and felt exhausted afterwards, but this year I'm hoping to keep up with those trendy runners out in front xD

  • This will be my first year of running it too :) And by the time you've done this programme you will be very well prepared for it x

  • Awesome :D The only thing this programme can't help me with is the weather... Last two times it's poured it down xD

  • Yup, I was out in one such downpour this morning lol :D

  • I use the treadmill set at 4.2mph for walking and 5.5 for running. But that's just me. You should do what you feel comfortable with. Speed isn't important at this stage.

  • Yeah, it's more being able to run in general than being able to run fast at this point, right? :D Thank you

  • I use 6kph walking speed and 9kph running. Of course I vary these if I need too. Just do what is right for you. As long as your run is faster than your walk you will be fine. Even if you feel slow, just remember speed comes with time, right now focus on completing the runs

    One big tip when using a treadmill is to run on a 0.5 or 1% incline - this will help if you want to run outdoors in the future.

  • I'll have those figures as target speeds :D

    I'll be sure to set the treadmill at an incline (though that may kill me) :) That'll definitely make the Race for Life track easier! Thank you :)

  • I did the first 6 weeks of the programme on the treadmill, and then switched to the road. For the first couple of week I was running at 10.5k but soon realised, as the running times increased, that I would need to slow it down and pace myself. This programme is not about speed, and so long as your legs keep moving, speed does not matter.

    This programme will however train your body and mind to run for progressively longer periods, enabling you to run further. I did my first ever 5k during week 7, and averaged 8.3 kmh. My average for 5k is now over 9kmh, and I am starting to increase the distances as well as increasing pace.

    For now, ignore speed. By all means, vary your pace a little on then treadmill, however don't beat yourself up if you need to wind the pace back a little from time to time.

  • I was exactly the same. Weeks 1 & 2 I was running at 10.5kps but realised that was unsustainable.

  • I doubt I (or my treadmill!) would survive 10.5km/h :)

    The endurance does mean more to me right now than the speed, so what you've said really makes sense. Thank you!

  • I haven't used one for yonks, but I'd just say set it so you feel you can still talk, then you can speed up or slow down as you feel like... sorry not much help really!

  • I tried judging if I was going at the right pace by seeing if I could talk, like yourself and Laura said. Unfortunately, I vary wildly between being able to talk for England and barely managing a stutter at the best of times xD

    It is helpful, though, 'cause it kinda gives you a check for the point your body's comfortable with for the walk, so thank you! :)

  • Set it to however you feel comfortable. I was doing. 3.5 to walk and 5.0 to run. Just heed laura and do a light jog when you run. No point exhausting yourself :-)

  • I exhaust myself climbing the school stairs, that's why I started the programme! xD Hopefully the exhaustion will lessen with time... :D

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