W3 Run 1

My 1,000th attempt at this and I started at Week 3 tonight to ease myself in. Set the mph to 8.0 for the 90 second runs and 7.5 for the 3 minute ones and feel absolutely fine. Only started struggling in the last 2 minutes of the final run. I know it'll be frustrating for the next 3 weeks or so but I need to build my stamina slowly so that I can get back to doing 20 minute runs and losing weight again :)

Thanks for all your support!

2 Replies

  • Well done! I'm glad you didn't give up.

    Remember that the walks are for recovery and as such I would suggest that you are going too fast in these stages. A brisk walking pace for me (and I have long legs) is 6kph. Find what is best for you, just make sure that you are not pushing yourself during the time you are meant to be recovering.

  • Well done Per for sticking with it. It's okay to struggle towards the end - after all, it's when we exhaust ourselves and then give ourselves time to recover that we grow stronger.

    Having said that, I tend to agree with Christop. 7.5 mph does sound faster than a brisk walk to me (bearing in mind that speed readings on treadmills are notoriously inaccurate). So do be careful; we want to see you complete the programme without injury :)

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