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W8 R2

Compared with the struggles of W8 R1, this was a great run. Outdoors. Another glittering start to the morning with the sun glinting on the sea and a few early morning sailors already out. I live 5 minutes from the seafront (perfect for my 5 minute warm up walk) and I can go east or west, I can in both cases do a loop with a section on the shore and a section inland. I choose east or west, and clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the wind. This morning there was a slight onshore breeze so I went East, and instead of going inland at the end, turned back on myself so the whole run was on the seafront promenade. This route is part of that used by the Southsea Parkrun; it's a broad flat promenade and it is usually full of morning runners. There is a race of some sort in town today, so there were lots of very fit looking runners with numbered bibs warming up along with the normal runners, joggers and dog walkers. Beautiful 28 minute run with my best time and distance yet (and the turning point on the Parkrun in sight when I made my turn, I am starting to feel I will be able to try the whole 5k course soon).

And good day from me to everyone completing a run today.

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Sounds sublime. So many people seem to be 'getting it' around week 8. Well done.


That sounds a lovely run in a beautiful location. You're on the final stretch now. Keep it slow and steady and enjoy the last few runs!


sometimes it all just comes together :D sounds like a great run :D well done ,keep at it just 4 runs to go :D


That sounds gorgeous! Nearly there now...


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