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Wk6 run1 done

I did it. I wouldn't say it was easy but again it was comfortable and not a struggle. No gasping for breath and no shouting as Laura to "please let it be time". It didn't hel that I had tummy pains before I started and all the way through which inhibited my breathing a little. I had to keep concentrating so I listened to the words of the tunes to see if I could remember the words. My endomondo said the distance for the whole podcast was 4.36km so I think I am getting on target for the 5K just need to judge the distanced for the longer runs as to day I had to walk down to the bottom of my road to finish the walk. No for run 2 on Monday.

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you are getting fitter and stronger :D exactly how the program works , you doing so well :D keep at it


I just did W7r1 today and was slightly disappointed that my wrist tracker said that I did 2.5km in the 25 mins. I knew I was slow but I didn't realise i was that slow!


You're doing great! You're right, pacing yourself is very important as you get into the longer runs, you'll crack it!


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