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Progress update on pledge

I have made slow progress, slower that I had actually thought! Although it has to be said I have made a start.

As week 8 of 2015 draws to a close I have only managed to complete 48.6km :( which converts to a mere 8%! Just one of the 14 marathons I need to complete to reach my goal!

While I know this reads very bleak, I do know I am now on my way.

On the plus side, I have discovered a new to me app on my phone that gives me a map of my outdoor runs and after only 4 times of using it I found out how to use it! lol I even know how to find splits and what that actually means! Also I have BOH's music to run along to.

As it has been said so many times: onwards and upwards :)

happy running. :)

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Spring is around the corner so it'll be a bit easier getting out there. Keep going. You can do it!


"Only "48.6K? Just listen to you, would you have said "only" before C25K? Bloomin' well done I say! IP is right, Spring is nealy sprung you'll get out there more now. Those [phone apps really help done't they? I use Runkeeper, love it!


thank you both :)

I think it might be Runkeeper i have :/

happy running:)


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