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Obess C25K graduate needing focus and reassurance

I started C25K on the 18th September initally mixing outdoor and treadmill but now exclusively treadmill due to daylight! whilst not sticking fully to the plan I managed my first treadmill 5k on the 5th of November but it took me 39 minutes to complete. I am 5ft 10" male and weight 235 lb I started running / jogging as a means to get fitter and to loose weight. Completing the 5k was a hugh buzz and even at my slow pace I was delighted to have completed the first target. I am still going to the gym and using the treadmill but lacking focus now - Any tips ? I also havent lost any weight since starting does anyone have any motivational stories to share having started the C25k as an obess unfit runningphobe. I am struggling with beathing. I have tried to do some speed intervals to improve and can run 2 mins at 12km/h and 1 minute intervals at 15km/h but my one and only 5k was around 8km/h to sustain the distance. Any support, tips really appreciated.

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You need to focus on the fact that you have run for 5k... Well done.

now the reassurance...Repeat this distance a few more times and you will find as your body (and lungs) is getting used to running for this distance the time will come down.


I lacked a bit of inspiration at graduation time in October. I had feelings I should be running better then I was. I still have problems with my breathing at first until I find a decent pace for me to continue the distance I'm going. I found it helped me to come up with some long term and short term goals to keep be focused such as entering an organized 5K run, purchasing a new running gadget when reaching a certain weight on the scale etc. The very best goal to help me was to actually have the nerve to enter a 5K! I am getting ready for my third one since graduation! I am usually at the back of the pack but it helped me tremendously to KNOW I can run that distance without walking. You are doing great in using the treadmill and fitting the time in to run. Maybe try to increase your speed and stay at the 5k? You could then treat yourself to something nice when you reach a goal. Best wishes to you! Gayle


5 foot 3 inch 63 year old woman who weighed 12 stone 5 ib in February this year. Dropped a dress size after 2 months of running for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Have now lost over a stone, 4 inches off my waist and have given up smoking.

I thought I was running slowly so did the stepping stone podcast and discovered I wasn't.

Just set yourself little targets and maybe try and do one run in the fresh air a week. The treadmill can be demoralising.

Good luck. You have got this far and you will go further.


I am only on week 7 and usually run on my treadmill. I have just done my first 25min run and completed 3.6k so quite slow but I have now lost 44.5ld and my husband has lost 74ld. We do go to weight watchers and have been following it for six months now. It might not be your thing but it is really working for me and I get a real high when in and I know that the running has enabled me to loose so much in six months.


If you keep including interval training, you should start to see improved times and stamina. I find the treadmill a bit mind-numbing for anything other than intervals - perhaps you could include a "fun" run at the weekends - head outdoors somewhere scenic and just enjoy a longer, gentle run - maybe try and increase the distance a little each week. Another benefit of that is that the longer, gentle runs are supposed to be better for fat burning.

Add some strength training to your time in the gym - more muscle means more calorie burning ! Include some core strength exercises too - planks are good, for example - as they are beneficial to your running.

Don't despair that you haven't seen much weight loss yet -- many people have said that they don't experience much weight loss until later on. Muscle weighs more than fat so your measurements and the fit of your clothes are a better guideline than just weighing in regularly. I found that running makes me hungry so you do need to be a bit careful that you don't eat up all the calories you've burnt on your run - make sure you have a handy supply of healthy, low calorie snacks (prepare a load of carrot and celery sticks to keep in the fridge for those munchy moments :-) )

You've done brilliantly so far, please keep at it. Perhaps look for a local running group to keep you motivated - you should be able to find one that suits you and they are great for motivation, encouragement and friendship and probably extra training advice as well.

Good luck and don't forget that you can always ask here whenever you feel in need of support and encouragement or want to share an achievement.


You'll be building muscle, which weighs more than fat. I lost some weight to begin with, then around week three it didn't move much. Now it does go down a bit every week. But I'm also getting more fit, which was more the point for me. I didn't want to not be able to run back down the trail to meet the ambulance if that should happen again. :(

I have been doing a 5:2 diet, which I read about in the paper. Five days a week you eat as you would like, but two days (and NOT following one another, must have one regular day in between) you fast. You can eat what you like, but no more than 500 calories for women or 600 for men. Fasting has other benefits besides losing weight. If you are interested, look it up and pay particular attention to the health benefits. At first I had thought I couldn't possibly run and fast on the same day. However, a friend who really took up the 5:2 after I mentioned said that she fasted and ran on the same days and had no problems. On her advice, I tried it, too, and it is perfectly do-able. I usually run in the mornings, so I don't know how I'd feel fasting all day and then running.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do!


Thanks for all the support - two weeks on an I have started to lose weight down 5lb now. I have started swimming 2 times a week to supplement the cardio and weights in the gym. Running on the treadmill still though I havent completed another 5k yet I did run 2.5km in 15 minutes continous so the speed is starting to come up. I have been drinking lots of water, taking a vitamin supplement and making smarter eating choices. The swimming is fun although my technique is poor I have been managing 30-40 laps of the nearby 18 meter pool in my three visits today and each time have been improving breathing and technique. Hopefully can keep this up. I have signed up for the parkrun 5k but need to start jogging outside to build up with the impact. I am daunted by the fact that I need to lose 65+ pounds of body weight this seems so huge a number but I keep telling myself that the more I lose the fast and further I will be able to run and swim and the better I will feel. I started with a view to getting healthier but increasingly so I am becoming focused on the numbers and weight. I have to face the facts that I cannot be healthy at my current weight and therefore the weight has to come down. I have set a "target" to go sub 200 lbs by the time of my birthday in the Middle of March this might be too ambitious based on my current rate of loss and with christmas and new year as distractions to the journey. I will drop in an update as typing also helps me to focus and track progress and a journal to inspire in the hardtimes. thank you to everyone who has responded so far the support has been great.


Since my last post I have been running outside and treadmill, weights at the gym, swimming and eating better. Christmas derailed me and I definetly gained weight and my excercise dropped of fast. I was back on the fitness trail from the first weekend of January. My weight is down to 226 and i am settling into a routine of swimming monday wednesday and friday and lifting tuesday thursday saturday. Plus jogging home from work (5km) twice per week. More aware of healthy eating. Still drinking the water and taking the twice daily vitamin supplement. No alcohol for over two weeks. Caffiene still high at 4 cups of tea/coffee per day and will work to decrease this. My hope to be 200 lb by mid march is unrealistic I accept this now, the journey will take time. I dont really know what weight I want to ultimately end up at somewhere between 170-180 lbs depending on how I look and feel. A long way off but I am so determined to get to this range in 2013. For now I am focussed on 209 where my bmi will move out of the obese classification. I will keep reporting on progress till then good luck to all with your own personal challenges...


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